Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hear Here: Week of February 28

With the last installment of Hear Here for Februay, we've got a busy week for shows throughout the state.  Between Superchunk and Veelee at The Cat's Cradle, Future Island two night stay at Kings, and a plethora of awesome local shows, there's endless possibilities for this week.  So lets get started!

Thursday, March 3
Future Islands w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat @ Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC
$10 advance/$12 day of
Future Islands may not be a North Carolina based band anymore, but they are in our hearts.  The always energetic and on point trio who got their starts in Greenville will be stopping through Kings two nights in a row this week (Night 2 has already sold out so get your tickets while you can for Thursday!) and I'll be surprised if the place is left standing by the end of Friday.  The band creates a unique sound that you can't quite put a finger on in terms of pin pointing exactly what kind of music they make, and that's whats great about them.  Future Islands do their own thing and they do it well.  They're a live act you don't want to miss!

Local Beer Local Band w/ Wind & Willow, Troubel, The Charming Youngsters @ Tir Na Nog in Raleigh, NC
Wing & Willow are released their new EP at this show, and they're a folk duo that pours their hearts out over some great melodies and harmonies.  The band alternates between a plethora of instruments, making it a bit more interesting than your average couple playing music together.  The combination of their honest and heartfelt lyrics with their soothing vocals and entrancing instrumentation makes for an all around enjoyable listening.  Also playing at this weeks Local Beer, Local Band are Troubel and The Charming Youngsters.  The Charming Youngsters are a band whose charisma oozes off of the stage, theres fewer things that are more enjoyable about a live show than seeing a band looking like they truly enjoy themselves.  This is what you get with The Charming Youngsters, on top of some awesome music.  With songs as varied as what life would be like on Venus (heres a hint...it's different), The Charming Youngsters not only have fun with their music, but they also produce some awesome songs from it.  You find yourself wanting to sing along to words you don't even know, some of which feel reminiscent of a Rivers Cuomo/Stephen Malkmus love child, combining the woes of nerd rock with the fun and upbeat chimes of the indie rock of the 90s.  The folk/bluegrass, Raleigh by way of Boone, band Troubel will also be playing.  Another great lineup for Local Beer, Local Band!

Country Mice w/ Young Buffalo, Joy in Red @ The Pinhook in Durham, NC
Awesome lineup at The Pinhook this Thursday with the three punch knockout of Country Mice, Young Buffalo, and Joy in Red.  Country Mice is headlining, bringing a gritty indie rock sound with harmonies lasting for miles.  Young Buffalo is where this lineup shines through strongest though, a band that feels like a hybrid of Fleet Foxes and Local Natives, layering harmonies upon harmonies with interesting rhythms thrown in to make each song an ever changing and constantly entertaining adventure.  Young Buffalo, signed to Fat Possum Records, are a band that you'll be hearing a lot of in the future because with talent like this they won't stay under the radar for long.  They take familiar sounds and make them their own, often times throwing in rhythmic breakdowns on top of already breathtaking harmonies.  Joy in Red coming out of Durham, will also be bringing their unique blend of indie rock, garage rock, and country/bluegrass to the stage, one that will be incredibly interesting to see played out on stage.  Come out for all of the bands and take it all in, because it's a night full of great music.

Friday, March 4
Superchunk w/ Veelee @The Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC
What could possibly be better than getting to see Superchunk at The Cat's Cradle again?  Oh of course, adding local powerhouse Veelee to the mix!  While the combination may seem odd at first, it's a perfect blend of what made the 90s NC scene so great with a band that's helping to define the new generation of bands in the area as well.  Superchunk are no strangers to the area, the indie superstars that started up Merge Records have been playing shows and putting out albums for over twenty years now, and theres no sign of them losing any sort of luster they had, they just keep on trucking through.  Superchunk still has the energy and talent to bring you an awesome show, especially when their opener is Veelee.  The duo that is signed to Grip Tapes produces some of the most promising sounds of the Triangle today and a live show that you need to check out.  What's not to love about this lineup?!

The Others Part 2 w/ Midtown Dickens, Fujiyama Roll, Adia Ledbetter, Caroline Aiken @ Motorco in Durham, NC
A night at Motorco that is going to be filled with talented artists from all over the place!  The night includes some of the best musicians in the area, whether that be regionally, nationally, or internationally.  The night will include Midtown Dickens', Durham's staple act when it comes to their scene, Kym Register and Catherine Edgerton playing a set that's sure to blow minds with their excellent chemistry with one another, and not to mention those harmonies that can send chills up and down your spine.  Also included are the Durham by way of Japan J-Pop act Fujiyama Roll, the jazzy sounds of Brooklyn based Adia Ledbetter, and the Grammy nominated Caroline Aiken.  With such massive amounts of talent coming together on one night for only $8, really there's no reason NOT to go.

Saturday, March 5
Redress Raleigh Benefit Show w/ Wesley Wolfe, I Was Totally Destroying It, Bright Young Things @ Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC
The ReDress Raleigh Benefit is to help make designers start thinking of becoming more eco-friendly and forward thinking when designing their materials...oh and it's bringing an awesome awesome lineup to Kings yet again.  It's a show that features one of my favorite acts of 2010 with Wesley Wolfe, one who's not one but two albums are among my most anxiously awaited with I Was Totally Destroying It, and one of the most...bright young things in the North Carolina scene, with the roots rock goodness of Bright Young Things. These three bands together provide for an awesome bill that is not be be missed, each one bringing their own unique style while still being able to be lumped together without much styles clash.  Come support a local cause and come support your local bands!

Hamell on Trial @ Trent River Coffee Company in New Bern, NC
Hamell on Trial is a one man acoustic punk band with a lot to say.  Touring and consistently writing music for over 20 years, Ed Hamell brings his sharp wit and his even sharper tongue to one of the most intimate settings possible in downtown New Bern with Trent River Coffee Company.  Ed Hamell is signed to Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records and has an upcoming documentary The Meeting coming out soon.  Hamell on Trial is an always entertaining, always enjoyable, and always insightful show that everyone should get to see at least once (or ten times, y'know whatever suits your fancy) in their life.

Sunday, March 6
Yelawolf w/ CyHi Da Prynce, King Mez @ The Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC
$13 advance/ $15 day of
Little known fact to some, I love hip-hop.  With a fiery passion.  Yelawolf is one of the fastest rising rappers not only in the south, but in the entire industry. Recently signed to Shady Records and featured on Big Boi's album last year that everyone couldn't seem to stop talking about "Sir Lucious Leftfoot", Yelawolf is rapidly rising and has the quick flow and charisma to back up all of the hype behind him.

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