Saturday, March 19, 2011

Butterflies, Junior Astronomers, & The Ethnographers featured on Blue Indian Compilation

The Blue Indian is an incredible music blog based out of Georgia that has recently put out a compilation featuring a few North Carolina artists as well as many great bands throughout the southeast region.  The Bottom String favorites Junior Astronomers and Butterflies are featured on this compilation, as well as Greenville based indie rock band, The Ethnographers.

"Bleak Was The Breeze" is the name of the new unreleased Butterflies song that is featured on The Blue Indian's compilation.  It is available for free download, along with the rest of the compilation, here.  Junior Astronomers have a song from their latest EP, "I Just Want To Make A Statement" featured called "Settle Down" and The Ethnographers have a song, "Oh Dear, Oh Deer" from their upcoming release "Dry Season" as well.  Other notable standouts on the compilation are South Carolina's All Get Out and GA based artists Baby Baby.

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