Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Shows of 2011

Happy holiday season readers!  I took a bit of a break after exam periods to enjoy the festivities but alas we're back to the blogosphere to keep spreading the good word.  2011 is winding down quickly and looking back through the year it's clear to see how blessed we are as North Carolinians to have such a flourishing music scene.  From the phenomenal acts brought to the state thanks to swiftly rising festivals like Moogfest and Hopscotch, which have been drawing more national attention to the state, to the incredible shows in tiny clubs, packed amphitheaters, and everywhere in between, North Carolina had one hell of a year for shows.  Agatha and I have both rounded up our Top 5 shows of the year, so let's get to it!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Around The Triangle: Beirut, The Sea and Cake (Video), American Aquarium, Jon Lindsay

Beirut at The Cat's Cradle on December 8, 2011

Exciting shows are rounding out 2011 in the Triangle, some of which find themselves being the highlight of the year for some showgoers.  Beirut was just one of these highly anticipated shows that popped up late in the year and the annual American Aquarium set at The Pour House proved to be just as incredible as usual.  Agatha was out shooting both Beirut and American Aquarium, as well as Jon Lindsay with Wiley Hunter and The Cazadores.  On top of all of this photo goodness we've got video shots from The Sea and Cake at Local 506 back in November.  Check out our captures from Around The Triangle after the jump!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"David Thompson" by Kooley High

David Thompson by Kooley High was released on
Fat Beats on December 6, 2011
North Carolina hip-hop has flourished this year, with Carolina's own J. Cole finding his way to a #1 debut atop the Billboard charts it's been clear that the overwhelming amount of talent in this state is beginning to get the recognition it deserves.  J. Cole is just scraping the surface of this talent pool though, the state is filled with names like 9th Wonder, Phonte, The Beast, King Mez, and arguably one of the fastest rising in the state with Kooley High.  While Kooley has established a name for themselves with their debut full-length, Eastern Standard Time, they're flexing their skills on this new release, David Thompson.  While some of Kooley High has relocated to Brooklyn, it's very clear that their heart still remains in North Carolina and the hip-hop scene that they've flourished in.  Between the stellar production and effortless displays of clever lyricism, Kooley High has placed their feet firmly in the door of national recognition with David Thompson.  Kooley High is celebrating their album release at The Pour House in Raleigh on Saturday, December 10 with King Mez, Actual Proof, and Lazarus

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Should Know: Gross Ghost

You Should Know is a series that has been long awaited for me, after dropping the interviews from Bottom String Sessions it was a conscious decision to add a video feature to the blog, but the matter of bringing it all together was a bit more.  You Should Know is a video feature on local bands that highlights the band's formation, future, and a bit of everything else in between all the while focusing on the aspect of the band that has made them so prominent on the scene for me, their music.

Gross Ghost was kind enough to invite me out to their cabin outside of Carrboro to film our session, upon driving through the dirt roads and passing the "No Trespassing Signs" with an ominous "wrong turn" type of feel to it, Aggie and I came to the end of the path and pretty much dropped our jaws at how incredible this place looked.  Mike later informed us of his gun-toting neighbor being basically harmless, then gave us the grand cabin tour so to speak.  Mike, Tre, Rob, and TJ are all incredibly endearing individuals and upon finding out that they'd planned to film full band inside of the cabin I basically had an inner fanboy freakout over the fact that I'd get to see my own private Gross Ghost set inside of an empty cabin in the woods.  It was as awesome as it sounds.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Around The Triangle: Bottom String Session #16, Local Beer Local Band, Hammer No More The Fingers, Architecture in Helsinki

Photo Credit: Agatha Donkar
It's been busy times for The Bottom String lately with holidays and exams lumping themselves together, but we're jumping back on the train to keep bringing the goodness to ya!  We've got our You Should Know with Gross Ghost coming up this week as well as two new Bottom String Sessions, plus the beginning of our Year End lists!  For starters though we'll backtrack some and provide some awesome captures from the past few weeks with Architecture in Helsinki at The Cat's Cradle, Local Beer Local Band with Gross Ghost and Lilac Shadows, as well as Hammer No More The Fingers, Lonnie Walker, and Free Electric State at Nightlight.

Also after the jump is our Bottom String Session with Sinful Savage Tigers from the backyard of Andrew Marlin.  A stellar set of songs from an excellent upcoming folk band from Carrboro, Sinful Savage Tigers performed "Natural Ghost" from their debut release as well as "Ballad of John Grove" off of their latest album, "The Last Night Of The Revels".