Monday, February 28, 2011

New Mountain Goats album "All Eternals Deck" now streaming on NPR

"All Eternals Deck" will be released on March 29th, 2011 on
Merge Records
The new Mountain Goats album, "All Eternals Deck", to be released on March 29 by Merge Records, is now streaming in its entirety on NPR.  It's the first release by The Mountain Goats on North Carolina based Merge Records.  For those that wish to take a peek at the album before its official release head on over to NPR's website and check it out here!

The Mountain Goats are about to embark on a North American tour with fellow North Carolina band Megafaun.  The tour will stop through North Carolina twice, once on April 8 at The Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill and again on April 10 at The Grey Eagle in Asheville.

Check out The Mountain Goats making their debut on Letterman as they play a song from "All Eternals Deck" called "Birth of Serpents" via Audioperv

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