Monday, February 14, 2011

Hear Here: Week of February 14

For the second installment of Hear Here there's a slight branch out towards the western part of the state to catch an awesome show, but most of the action lies in the Triangle yet again.  Between the stripped down encore performance of Big Star's "Third", another great Local Beer, Local Band, and the second show in the "Bottom String Presents", there's going to be plenty of great live music going on around the state this week.

Tuesday, February 15
Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band w/ Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit) @ The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC
$15 in advance/$17 at the door
Josh Ritter is one of the top names on the singer-songwriter scene, and it's for a reason.  Ritter's smooth acoustic playing soothes the listener, especially once he starts spilling his heart out.  Ritter sings of love and loss in ways that may not be original or groundbreaking, but his words and rhythms find a way to shake you to your core.  Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit will be opening for Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band.

Encore of Big Star's "Third" @ Historic Playmakers Theater in Chapel Hill, NC
$15 general admission/ $8 students
Back in December the daunting task was set out to perform Big Star's "Third" in it's entirety for two nights at The Cat's Cradle featuring local favorites from the music scene, it went off phenomenally.  Now they're coming back for one more performance, this time stripped down acoustically.  While December's show featured grandiose orchestration, this performance will catch you in a completely different way.  With members of Lost in the Trees, Old Ceremony, Birds & Arrows, The dBs, The Tomahawks, and more you can expect some captivating renditions of these classic songs heard in a new light.

Thursday, February 17
Local Beer, Local Band w/ NAPS, Jenna & The Jintlemen and Nests @ Tir Na Nog in Raleigh, NC
It seems like everywhere you hear about shows going on in the triangle, Lonnie Walker's Brian Corum isn't too far behind, and that's something I'm behind 100%.  This weeks Local Beer, Local Band features another one of Brian's projects, NAPS, with Annuals drummer Zack Oden.  NAPS is a unique blend of an array of sounds, providing for an output that sounds nothing like either of Brian or Zack's other projects.  Fellow Annuals will also be playing in Jenna & The Jintlemen, a folk project that features 4 members of Annuals.  This show also features opening band Nests.  Local Beer, Local Band is something that brings excellent shows to Raleigh on a weekly basis, so naturally you'll be seeing a lot of them up here...just get used to it.

Friday, February 18
The Bottom String Presents Junior Astronomers w/The Black Hellatones @ Journey Cafe in New Bern, NC
December saw the first ever "The Bottom String Presents" show when Butterflies and Monsonia came to New Bern and trekked through the snow to play an awesome show.  After taking a break for the month of January, the Bottom String Presents series is back in New Bern and bringing an exciting, high energy show.  Junior Astronomers had The Bottom String's #5 release of 2010 in NC with their EP "I Just Want To Make A Statement" and rightfully so.  The band creates their own sound with catchy guitar hooks and even catchier choruses belted out by lead singer Terrence Richard and oozing with emotion.  If Junior Astronomers doesn't bring enough energy then try the one of a kind Black Hellatones.  Featuring two members of the jazz-fusion-blues-whateveryouwanttocallit band What's Good with brothers Kazz and Storm Castaneda, The Black Hellatones step their music up to another level by adding a dynamic female singer Kelly Dickson to the lineup.    Featuring two very unique but very exciting bands, this second Bottom String Presents show surely won't be one to disappoint.

Schooner w/ Floating Action and The Tomahawks @ Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC
To say that Schooner is just a folk infused indie pop band is doing them an injustice, because they're much more than that.  They successfully weave together consistently entertaining songs that leave you humming along or nodding your head before you even know all of the words.  Schooner are a local favorite who've got members infused amongst the Carolina scenes most interesting bands including but not limited to The Rosebuds and Organos.  The openers are also two bands that everyone should check out.  The Tomahawks had one of my favorite North Carolina records last year with "Cut Loose", coming in at #3 on The Bottom String's countdown.  They're an NC super group that brings you an interesting blend of the 60's pop music and the lo-fi pop of today, all swirled in with soaring vocals and catchy melodies.  Floating Action is the project of songwriter Seth Kauffman, whose latest effort "Desert Etiquette" brings a stripped down and deeply emotional feeling, tinged with aspects of folk, blues, and country.  Floating Action will be a name to watch for in 2011, as his new album "Desert Etiquette" will be released in a week on Park The Van Records.

Missy Raines & The New Hip w/ Onward, Soldiers @ The Casbah in Durham, NC
$10 in advance/$13 day of
Missy Raines & The New Hip are an entertaining blend of jazz, folk, and bluegrass that are going to be sure to keep fans at The Casbah in Durham entertained, but they'll have to be on their 'A' game if they want to show up openers Onward, Soldiers.  Onward, Soldiers are a blend of country, americana, and indie rock that have the ability to keep you on your toes and anxious for their next movement.  They put on one hell of a show, as I found out when I saw them at Troika Music Festival in Durham last year.  Onward, Soldiers shine though in the aspect that while one song can have the entire crowd dancing along, they can also pull something out to silence even the loudest of drunken "that guys" and make everyone sit in silence and listen to Sean Thomas Gerard paint you a picture of love and loss with his voice and guitar.

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