Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Was Totally Destroying It releases new single and announces subscription club

Photo by Jason Arthurs
I Was Totally Destroying It is going to have quite the busy year in 2011.  The band that started out as your average pop punk group has continued to dig deeper and deeper, finding themselves leaving behind the old moniker and ensconcing themselves in a new sound filled with captivating hook and an insatiable need to hear more from this band.  Well in 2011, you'll get just that as I Was Totally Destroying It will be releasing two full lengths this year, the first of which they've just dropped their first single for called "Regulators".

On April 12, the band will be releasing "Preludes" via Greyday Records, but since they're putting out another full length record, "Vexations", as well this year they've set up a cost effective subscription club for their fans to get the most out of their money, and it's definitely a package worth checking out.  The details are as followed:

For $25 you can get your choice of either CD or Vinyl copies of both "Preludes" and "Vexations" from the Greyday Records store.  Not only do you get both of their albums for $25, but you also get loads of other exclusive stuff including an instant download of "Control" from "Preludes", a pre-release download of the new single, "Regulators" (released on 3/15) featuring a non-album track called "Halloween", an early download of "Preludes", a download of their video "Fight/Flight", "Get Big" 7" single (which ships with "Preludes"), a download of "Vexations" before the street date, "Vexations" sent to your address two+ weeks before street date, and various other goodies.

Regulators by Destroying It

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