Monday, January 28, 2013

Debut: "Love Is Loathing" by Ghostt Bllonde

Artwork by the wonderfully talented
Dan Barbour
As January draws to a close we're getting closer and closer to the release of our first compilation, "The Bottom String Compilation Vol. 1".  Drawing from acts from Wilmington to Charlotte, this compilation will boast a wide array of unreleased or newly released tunes from some of the most promising acts of 2013.  With Ghostt Bllonde preparing to play at WKNC's Double Barrell Benefit Day Party on Saturday, what better time to debut the first track from our compilation?!

Our first Ears to the Ground piece covered this brand new band that's risen from the ashes of Coastal Vision, but the two acts couldn't be farther apart in their approach.  Ghostt Bllonde takes a rough around the edges approach to traditional pop sentiments, resulting in a lo-fi brand of garage punk all their own.  Ghostt Bllonde is one of the first bands I sought out for this compilation, the band has a knack for catchy melodies and blistering hooks that linger in your head and "Love Is Loathing" is a perfect example of that.  Check out the track below:

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