Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ears to the Ground: Ghostt Bllonde

Throughout the first few weeks of 2013 I'll be highlighting some of the most promising acts that you should be keeping your eyes on this year.  Last year was incredible for new bands, there were countless mind-blowing debuts and it looks like 2013 will be much of the same.  While NC favorites like Mount Moriah, Schooner, and Bombadil will all be releasing new music this year, "Ears to the Ground" will be highlighting the young upstart acts most deserving of your aural attention.

Along with this preview series, The Bottom String will be releasing our first compilation of local artists within the next month and thusfar we've got some incredible bands signed on as well as an equally awesome local artist, Dan Barbour, working on our album art.  The first band in our "Ears to the Ground" series just so happens to be on our upcoming compilation as well, Ghostt Bllonde.

From the ashes of Coastal Vision rises Ghostt Bllonde, a self described "trash-can pop" band that packages broken hearted adolescent lyricism within tight vocal melodies and presents it with a rough around the edges lo-fi recording.  Ghostt Bllonde is an easy transition for fans of Coastal Vision's anxiety fueled, quick paced take on surf-pop, mostly because it takes the same sentiments and adds grit and maturity.  The fuzzed out tunes of Ghostt Bllonde provide an endearing look into the mind of the young Marc Kuzio, though he's barely out of high school his angst-ridden crooning provides equal amounts of maturity as it does blind adolescent angst.  Wonderful things are to come from this band, and while it's upsetting to see a young and promising group like Coastal Vision call it quits, the talents of Kuzio and company will surely shine just as bright with this new project.  Ghostt Bllonde will be making their live debut tomorrow night at Kings in Raleigh with Clockwork Kids and Saints Apollo and headlining a house show at The Mattress Fort in Raleigh with SW/MM/NG and Cat Be Damned on Saturday.  Check out some of Ghostt Bllonde's music below and be on the lookout for their track "Love is Loathing" when it's featured on The Bottom String Compilation Vol. 1!

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