Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ears to the Ground: Libraries

For the second installment of our new series I've chosen to highlight another band that will be featured on our upcoming compilation.  Libraries are a band signed to Grip Tapes that bring an electronic blend of soulful tracks ranging from upbeat remixes to massive originals that boast neck breaking rhythms that are impossible to sit still to.  2012 was a productive year for Libraries, while the group released countless remixes and a strong group of originals, they've been honing their already on point live skills   and riding the recent trap wave all the way to the top.  Libraries are easily one of my favorite electronic acts in the state, this Wilmington outfit has taken an incredibly melodic approach to the heavy hitting style of club-oriented dance music and crafted electronic tunes that one can listen to with a chest rattling sub whilst dancing your ass off or alone at home with a pair of headphones.

Libraries are meshing the worlds of soulful, funky dance beats with the trilled out trap style of bumping bass and blazing hi-hats, and quite frankly the results are incredibly satisfying.  Tracks like the "BYRD$" displays these sentiments perfectly, the band builds off of a strong melodic idea and adds depth through roaring layers of tight percussion and explosive synths.  While one track can be a smooth and funk-filled adventure, the band is capable of absolute bangers like 1988, found on their Wilmington Bootlegs, which opens with a fuzzed out analog synth and quickly evolves into a wonderfully expansive track that explores the depths of their musical direction.  It's a spastic blend of electronic noise that's been pieced together wonderfully, proving the duos mastery of production as well as composition.

Libraries have great things ahead in 2013, they're only continuing to grow musically with an ever expanding knowledge of electronic composition and their sounds are definitely starting to turn some heads around the state.  I hope to catch a Libraries set this year, as their studio sounds have left me awe struck and aching to experience this in the proper setting.  Check out their track "BYRD$" below and be sure to look out for their track on The Bottom String Compilation Vol. 1

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