Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ears to the Ground: Dirty Art Club

When I first heard Dirty Art Club I was absolutely blown away.  The psychedelic influenced electronic music of this Charlotte duo was filled with enough soul and groove to compel a head bob at the very least, but its nuances and textural depth is where the band shines.  Hexes, the band's most recent EP, explores a multitude of sonic landscapes, each one containing equal amounts of chaos and serenity.  These tunes are meticulously structured yet smoothly flowing, they beckon the listener to dig deeper and explore everything this electro-psych duo has to offer, which as we find is quite a lot.

Drawing mostly off of samples, Dirty Art Club brings a hip-hop style of production to the electronic game and produces incredible results.  Each track has a strong sense of rhythm that remains anything but static, and that makes it that much easier to lose yourself in this adventure of an EP whose only fault is that ending too early.

Before the 2012 release of Hexes the band dropped a full length Heavy Starch in 2011 and they'll be continuing their streak with yet another EP in 2013.  It's only a matter of time until this duo explodes, each year has proved to be more productive for Dirty Art Club and 2013 opens up a plethora of possibilities.  Phonosaurus Records out of Quebec already caught on, signing the group last year and releasing Hexes in July, the group was also featured on Vice's The Creator's Project where the band gave a sample-by-sample breakdown of the track "Black Acid", and were featured atop Noisey's "Best Beats of 2012" to end the year on a massive note.  With a new frontier before them in 2013 this trip-hop group can take their tunes to unseen heights.  Hopefully they make their way towards the eastern part of the state sooner rather than later, as their music would be a fantastic live experience.  Filled with deep 808 kicks and spastic percussive rhythms, these smooth beats could take the reigns over a massive dance party that would be foolish to miss out on.  Hop on the Dirty Art Club train soon, because I wouldn't be surprised if it takes off this year.

Check out the stellar title track from Hexes below:

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