Monday, February 4, 2013

Debut: "Tell-Tale Heart" by Villa Verde

As we get closer to the release of The Bottom String Compilation Vol. 1, I can barely contain my excitement for this thing.  Some of my favorite local artists have contributed tracks to this compilation, and I've also found new favorites as well.  The best way to spread some of that excitement is to let you guys hear some tracks from this thing!  Last week I debuted "Love is Loathing" by Ghostt Bllonde, and this week I've got yet another track for everyone to hear.  This one is from Villa Verde, a band out of Wilmington that I met at Kings back in December.  When I started to think of bands to include on this compilation I went back to finally listen to Villa Verde and found myself pleasantly surprised.  After contacting the band they decided to contribute an unreleased track for the compilation.

Villa Verde recorded "Tell-Tale Heart" last May, shortly after losing their lead vocalist and guitar player, but bassist Joshua Sullivan took on vocal duties.  After recently adding Corey Blackburn (of Museum Mouth and Fractal Farm) on guitar, Villa Verde has become a trio yet again, but one that's refined their sound, adopting jaunting rhythmic changes that are contrasted with smooth vocal melodies.  "Tell-Tale Heart" builds slowly but surely, taking an ever-changing dynamic approach ranging from soft-spoken restraint to anthemic choruses.  Villa Verde is a young band that's filled with potential, as they continue to evolve and find their footing we can hope to hear great things from this group.  Sullivan said the band is growing to be "more math minded, kind of like old Maps and Atlases, but still with plenty of indie rocking".

With a new lineup and a new year, I expect to be hearing a lot more from Villa Verde, they're a part of an emerging Wilmington scene that's being fueled by many of the folks that are included on this compilation.   I'll be dropping news soon about the release date and track listing for The Bottom String Compilation Vol. 1, but for the time being check out this awesome new track from Villa Verde:

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