Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hopscotch Highlight on: T0W3RS

T0W3RS at Hopscotch 2011
T0W3RS is a band that exploded onto the scene with the help of last year's Hopscotch.  Coming in with strong momentum from a badass Lonnie Walker cover, the band proved that they were about to be a fixture in the Triangle's music scene.  Since last year's day party at Hopscotch the band has released an EP and a full-length entitled, If All We Have Is Time.  With the release of their full length the band has received an overwhelming response that seems to share the general consensus that T0W3RS are one of the brightest acts in the state.  The band has recently announced a new release that they're putting out at Hopscotch called Wyatt EP.

With a new EP in tow expect the band to put on another fantastic Hopscotch set.  Last year's Dayparty show was one of the most memorable sets of the entire festival for me, the excitement was permeating throughout the room and it was clear that T0W3RS weren't going anywhere soon.  The band has already improved in leaps and bounds from their debut EP to their first full length, I'd expect much more of the same with their new EP.  The experimental fuzz pop tunes that T0W3RS have been putting out display a breadth of influences that have all molded into a unique and enamoring sound that I simply can't turn away from.  There's no doubt that I'll be heading down to check out T0W3RS after I see Little Hollow on Saturday night.  T0W3RS will be performing at the Contemporary Art Museum at 9:30.  T0W3RS are kicking off a high energy bill that'll be going hard the whole night, headlined by the swiftly rising Detroit rapper Danny Brown (who I'm anxiously awaiting to see for the 2nd time this year) and Flosstradamus.  Check out "The Cardinal/The Finch" from If All We Have Is Time below.

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  1. T0W3RS is my favorite band, they are hype as h*ck and I wanna see them again.