Friday, August 24, 2012

Hopscotch Highlight on: Little Hollow

Little Hollow from Chapel Hill, NC
As our second installment of Hopscotch Highlights, we're focusing on a Saturday night act that's facing a dreaded 9:00 slot.  It's always a split decision of staying at City Plaza or booking it out of there early to catch an awesome club show, but usually the latter has proven to be the best bet for me.

While The Roots will no doubt be putting on a stellar live performance, my eyes have been set on act that I've been trying to see for at least over a year.  Little Hollow, also known as Logan Pate, has been producing an enchanting blend of electronic music and R&B/Soul for the past few years and Hopscotch serves as the perfect opportunity to showcase this local gem that's yet to see much recognition.

You can find some of Little Hollow's earlier work on the Logan Pate band camp, The Difference Between Moths and Butterflies does a fantastic job of encompassing the "sleepy soul" sound that Pate uses to describe Little Hollow as well.  Grip Tapes has helped bring yet another incredible act of the North Carolina scene to the limelight, and after Hopscotch I wouldn't be surprised if we started hearing a lot more from Little Hollow.  While the 9:00 time slot also holds The Roots, The Toddlers, and Grohg, Little Hollow's unique and soulful stylings are sure to command your attention, leaving you mesmerized with his smooth melodies and raw emotion.

Little Hollow will be performing at White Collar Crime on Saturday, September 8 at 9:00 PM

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  1. Being little hollow's absolute biggest fan, I concur completely! You can see the Roots some other time, be at White Collar Crime Saturday and experience something real!