Monday, August 27, 2012

Hopscotch Highlight on: Dash

Dash is from Wilmington, NC and will be performing
at the WKNC/WUAG College Radio Showcase
on Thursday, September 6 at White Collar Crime
While they may not be playing an official Hopscotch show, Dash will be one of the weekend's highlights for me at the WKNC/WUAG College Radio Showcase, taking place at White Collar Crime on Thursday September 6 from 12:00-5:00.  Really White Collar crime is my only day party planned for Thursday, with Trioscapes (jazz-fusion side project from Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me, featuring members of Brand New Life, Casual Curious and Eyris), The Big Picture, and Casual Curious as well as Dash, there is no better place to spend the first day of Hopscotch.  Dash is a band that's been swiftly building momentum around the Triangle, with two highly touted shows at Kings I'm already aching to see the band at White Collar Crime.

The band has only released one single thusfar with "Into The Sounds", but that single is an absolutely incredible snapshot for the potential and talent that lies within this band.  Displaying a sound similar to that of Passion Pit or Phantogram, Dash weaves together an electronic soundscape that displays depth and instant accessibility.  The band has a heavy focus on their live performances, their most recent show at Kings on August 24th was only the band's 3rd show, but it featured a string section accompaniment that seemed to go off brilliantly.  This is a band that will surely continue to blossom and evolve in ways that I can't yet imagine, but for now let's revel in the strong footing this band has set for themselves in their earliest stages.  Below you can find a video from the band's first show at Kings Barcade earlier this year.

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