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The Bottom String's Hopscotch Day Party Schedule

Hopscotch is just over a week away and quite frankly I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement for the whole thing.  The festival has been dropping LPs off at random locations in downtown Raleigh, continually having Day Party announcements and even had a few names drop and get added to the lineup a few weeks ago (The Light Pines being the most disappointing loss for me), so the excitement and hype is all finally going to be coming to a head when next week's festivities kick off on Thursday.  Thursday recently had Day Parties added onto it with an insane amount of music going on at Sadlack's Heroes, a 307 Knox hosted show with the likes of Pink Flag, and a Raleigh Denim/Flander's Gallery show highlighted by a Gray Young appearance.  Hop around town on Thursday if you're free to catch some of these awesome free sets to get you pumped up for the night's festivities.

And so begins the great challenge of having to choose between posting up at one venue all day to check out their great lineup or to run all over town and try to catch some other great acts that you've been dying to see or see again.  So goes the woe's of being at an awesome music festival.  Here's just a couple of recommendations for your Friday Day Party planning:

Arbor Ridge Studios Day Party with WKNC
Tir Na Nog from 12:00 - 5:00
Probably the most guaranteed top to bottom 100% awesome lineup through and through.  Mandolin Orange with Josh Moore is the main attraction of the Arbor Ridge Day Party and there's no wonder as to why.  The duo has been blowing up over the past year and with a highly anticipated double album release show at The Cat's Cradle later in September (The 24th to be precise) they're definitely one of the highlights of Friday's Day Parties in general.  Plus there's Birds and Arrows with Skyler Gudasz & The Ugly Girls, Jeff Crawford & Brett Harris, The Tomahawks with Schooner (another must see set!) and Luego with Wylie Hunter and The Cazadores.  If I had to pick and choose from the lineup I'd say be sure to catch Mandolin Orange w/ Josh Moore and The Tomahawks w/ Schooner.  The Tomahawks had one of our favorite albums of last year, their nostalgic pop sounds are enough to draw in the new listeners and their songwriting abilities are what will be able to keep you hooked.

Diggup Tapes Presents The Rooftop with Freaker and New Belgium
The Hive from 12:00 - 5:00
Diggup Tapes wins for best venue spot.  This rooftop show is going to be one hell of a time especially considering it's featuring one of the band's I've been dying to get a chance to check out live with T0W3RS, the definite highlight of this lineup for me.  While the rest of the lineup is solid with local act Nests, Woodsman, and SoftSpot being a few more highlights, T0W3RS is the band I plan on trying to drop in for if at all possible.  Definitely check out a couple of bands at the very least at this awesome spot!

Odessa Fest 2011
Kings from 12:00 - 5:00
Odessa Records is definitely one of the state's standout labels with awesome acts like Americans in France, Wesley Wolfe, Spider Bags, and well practically their whole roster.  They're bringing out some of the best too for this free day party that will also feature a live demonstration of Wesley Wolfe cutting his new vinyl (a video of which can be found here.  Highlights include Americans in France, Wild Wild Geese, and Shithorse but like I said you really can't go wrong with any of this lineup.  Another venue that would be a good pick to post up for most of the day as this is one that's guaranteed to be another excellent time.  Other acts include The Kingsbury Manx, Transportation, and stand-up comedy in between sets.

If you thought picking a show for Friday was hard then I'm going to go ahead and let you down wasn't.  Saturday is chock full of some of North Carolina's finest acts from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 and seeing so many venues filled with such incredible acts just goes to show how incredible Hopscotch has already been to the Triangle music scene.  From 11:00 a.m. until the wee hours in the morning Raleigh will be filled with live music, and that is something to look forward to.  With so much going on though it's going to be hard to jump around simply because of how many options there are, so I for one would recommend the path of sticking to one venue and staying the day, but I'm certainly making an exception for Ben Sollee and The Rosebuds.  If I had to pick anywhere to spend the day Saturday though it would be Kings for DiggUp Tapes second Day Party of the weekend that's filled with incredible artists from around the region and special guests as well.  Here's the full list of Saturday Day Parties with The Bottom String's standout picks in bold

Hopscotch Presents: The Rosebuds & Friends
Block Party outside The Lincoln Theatre: 11am-5:30pm 
Tonk 11 am | The Big Picture 11:45am | Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers 12:30pm | Youth Lagoon 1:15pm | Hammer No More the Fingers 2pm | Ben Sollee 3pm | and The Rosebuds 4pm

American Aquarium & Friends
Slim’s from 12:00-5:00pm
Jason Kutchama 12:00 | Prison Book Club 12:45 pm | Jack the Radio 1:30 pm | Annuals 2:00 pm | American Aquarium 3:15 pm 

Aqui Estamos Records Day Party with Terrapin Beer Company and The Stagger 
The Hive from 12:00-5:00pm
With Lake Isle | Gray Young | Bright Young Things.

Brewmaster's Bar & Grill PresentsBrewmaster's Bar & Grill from 12:00-5:00pm
Oulipo | SoftSpot | Andrew Cedermark | and Annuals

College Radio Showcase Presented by WUAG, WKNC, WXYC and WXDU
White Collar Crime from 12:00-5pm 
The Bronzed Chorus | Nests | Free Electric State | Whatever Brains

Corbie Hill Presents: Let Feedback Ring
Sadlack's Heroes from 12:30-5:15 p.m.
With Effingham 12:30 pm | The Charming Youngsters 1:30 pm | The Fooligans 2:30 pm | Birds & Arrows 3:30 pm | Bitter Resolve 4:30 pm

DiggUp Tapes Presents Orientation In Space with Raleigh Denim and The Raleigh Wine Shop
Kings from 12:00-5pm 
Lonnie Walker | Birds of Avalon | Quiet Hooves | Thank You | Surprise Guests

Hometapes’ Friend Island & Trekky’s Day-Dream Present: 
The Blount Street Block Party from 11am-5pm
Hometapes Friend Island at Tir Na Nog
All Tiny Creatures | The Caribbean | Family Dynamics | Matthew White | Sunless
Trekky Day-Dream at The Pour House
Midtown Dickens | Embarrassing Fruits | Butterflies | Brice Randall Bickford

Lump Gallery & All Day Records Present: Super All Day and All Night Party
All DayMeg Baird | Blood Jar Creepers | Des Ark | Ezekiel Graves | Phil Blank & Jordan Hutchinson | Hiss Golden Messenger | Mike Gangloff & Nathan Bowles | William Tyler | Steve Gunn
All Night
Secret Boyfriend | Brain F≠ | Cheveu | Extreme Animals
Late Night Dance Party
DJs Lack | A Stroud | E Main | Mothersbrothers | with projections by DBL VZN

Mann’s World Presented by Big Boss Brewery
Dive Bar from 1:30-5pm 
Righteous Fool | Black Thai (Boston) | Lurch

Team Clermont Showcase with Greyday Records
Deep South Bar from 12:00-5:30pm 
Schooner | Filthybird | Fan Modine | I Was Totally Destroying It

White Cascade and Deep Space Recordings Present: An Incredibly Dense Cluster of Stars
Isaac Hunter's Tavern from 1pm-5pm
Mutant League 1 pm | Maple Stave 2pm | White Cascade 3 pm | A Rooster for the Masses 4pm

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