Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bottom String Turns One!

It's crazy to think a year ago that I was sitting down and working out all of my logistics for this new Carolina music blog that I'd had the idea of starting.  I wasn't necessarily at a thrilling place in my life, but I knew that I had this massive adoration for the North Carolina music scene and way too much free time on my hands for a 19-year old to know what to do with.  Bit by bit, brick by brick, The Bottom String began to build into something that I became proud of and could put my time and dedication to.  I began to delve deeper and deeper into the independent scene of thriving musicians in North Carolina and continued to be perplexed with the talents that I found hidden throughout the state.

Before I started The Bottom String I promoted shows in New Bern and now one year later I'm heading off to Raleigh to jump in feet first with this blog.  The first year of The Bottom String went better than I could have ever dreamed of, I got to speak with some of my favorite artists, met one of my biggest inspirations, and better yet started to hear feedback from the bands that I was helping get coverage of.  The thanks I've received from the bands and the readers for simply running this website has been heartwarming.  However, even over the past year the North Carolina music scene has gotten exponentially deeper with the addition of Hopscotch, Moogfest, and consistently amazing local and touring bands playing at all of these great local venues.  As such we must accommodate this growing scene, so The Bottom String has some growth of it's own to announce.

A successful first year has lead to many new doors that we're able to open now and as such we'll be bringing you some exciting new features throughout the next year.  For starters I'm thrilled to announce our new addition to The Bottom String, photographer Agatha Donkar.  Agatha is a Chapel Hill-based music photographer that shoots for nationally touring acts for Speakers In Code, but needed an outlet for her local music photography.  With Agatha hopping aboard and myself finally residing in the Triangle you can expect much more show coverage from The Bottom String in the future and trust me, we're incredibly excited about that.  This means more Bottom String Sessions, more show reviews, and better yet more features on exciting new bands that are popping up around the Triangle-region.

Which excellently brings me into our next addition with The Bottom String, You Should Know.  You Should Know marks the beginning of a new series that we'll be running once a month where we give you the low down on a local band around the area that's been popping up all over our radar.  We're sitting down with the bands and talking about the writing process, how they came together, what's in the near future, and all of the in between.  Bottom String Sessions in turn will be alleviated of their interview sides in favor of allowing for more acoustic videos to be posted of local and touring artists and for us to open up the doors with You Should Know.

The addition of Agatha and You Should Know are just two exciting tidbits that we're dropping today.  We've got some incredible Bottom String Sessions in the works for the near future and much much more.  Thank you to all of our readers for your continued support, thank you to all of the bands who have been so grateful and willing to work with me, and lastly thanks to everyone involved in this great state's music scene that helps keep the wheels spinning.  You're the heart and soul behind this blog and I couldn't do it without you.  Here's to another awesome year!

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