Saturday, November 6, 2010

Troika Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 of Troika proved to be a night that was somehow even better than Day 2.  The night opened up with a set that I knew was going to be good, but didn't realize HOW good.  Wesley Wolfe at Motorco was the first show of the night for me, and it was a show that shone throughout the night as one of the best.  Wesley Wolfe and his band all made it feel like they truly enjoyed being on stage and they brought a great energy to Motorco that seemed to fill the room as the heads began bobbing and the bodies began to move.  Wesley Wolfe definitely was one of the highlights of the night for me.

After Wesley Wolfe, it was a bit of waiting around for North Elementary.  One thing I've noticed about Troika is that everything is starting practically on schedule for every show, which is something that makes walking around to each venue so much easier when you know that you're not going to be missing something because a band started early/late.  When North Elementary took the stage a lot of the crowd began to pack in tighter, which seemed to be the story for the rest of the night at Motorco.  North Elementary had a great set, proving everything that I've heard about their live show.  Harrison and Rupp's voices harmonize just as well live as they do on the album, and the band sounds just as good as they do in the studio.

After North Elementary I was a bit torn as to whether or not I should stay around and catch as much of The Sames as possible or if I should catch Los Naturales.  Now, I haven't heard about the other set, but I do know that I am extraordinarily glad that I stayed at Motorco because The Sames blew me away.  The band's chemistry on stage and their energy brought the entire room to life.  The crowd at Motorco was getting bigger and bigger with each song and everyone was enjoying it just as much as the next person.  The Sames brought a great sound and environment to a great venue, topping off my stay at Motorco in an awesome way.

After The Sames last song it was off to the Pinhook to catch Americans in France, the show I was most excited for tonight.  Josh Lajoie started off the set in a wig that had quite a bit of the crowd taken aback, considering half of the audiences murmurs around me seemed to be about "the guys hair", but whether you liked the wig or not, Americans in France killed it.  I mean  The Pinhook was a bit more crowded than it was on Thursday night, but the band could have been playing to an empty room and it still would have been just as great as a performance.  Even throughout some technical difficulties the band continued to push through and bring the fans a great set.  Another highlight of the night for me.

Americans in France ended and it was off to Fullsteam for Mandolin Orange.  Thankfully though I got there early and caught the last two songs of Onward, Soldiers because they were destroying it!  It makes me wish that the schedules hadn't conflicted so I could have gotten to see them because the packed in crowd at Fullsteam (and I mean packed) were all dancing around and enjoying themselves.  It was a short wait after Onward, Soldiers for Mandolin Orange and once they took the stage they proved why the place was packed out for them.  Mandolin Orange played an absolutely beautiful set, proving to be the highlight of the night for me.  The only downside was how loud the place was, even Andrew commented on it when he was letting the crowd know that the next song was a soft one and telling everyone, "For those of you that can't hear it, I remember my first beer as well."  Despite the crowd issues, the band performed a breath taking set that ended up being the last one for me.  Missing In The Year of The Pig and Red Collar was unfortunate, but I saw enough awesome music today to be 100% satisfied.

Saturday is going to be another great day, with our Bottom String Sessions with Birds & Arrows and Old Bricks being recorded and another night full of great music!  Here's a couple of shots from the bands on Friday.

Wesley Wolfe at Motorco

North Elementary at Motorco

The Sames at Motorco
Americans in France at The Pinhook

Onward, Soldiers at Fullsteam

Mandolin Orange at Fullsteam

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