Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Texoma hosts house show to raise funds for new album

Texoma will host a house show on Saturday, March 29
to raise funds for their new album.
Photo Credit: Kristen Hill
Since crowd sourcing projects took off a few years ago it seems like every band with a vague idea and thin pockets has taken to the web in hopes of funding their ambitious projects with fan-funneled dollars. Hell, even folks like Spike Lee, Zach Braff and Neil Young have found their way in on the action. Frankly it's become an incredibly valuable way for fledgling bands to continue to affordably make music in the industry's current landscape. But with so many artists using the project, it's also become a bit watered down, incentives have become more and more exuberant and sometimes downright ridiculous.

Texoma, the self-proclaimed "dust rock" band from Chapel Hill has adopted the crowd sourcing model and turned it on its head for their most recent project. The group released their first EP last fall, showing an immense amount of promise for their roots-rock oriented sound. Led by Zach Terry (formerly of Magnolia Collective and The Whiskey Smugglers), Texoma has been swiftly breaking ground in the local alt-country scene with opening slots for esteemed acts like Kenny Roby and frequent stops at Carrboro's The Station, they're even set for a Local Band Local Beer performance with Roby in April. Now the group is setting out to release their debut full-length record, and while the tracking and mixing will be done in-house they, like many other bands, can't afford to master and license it all without some serious funds.

Thus, Texoma has combined two exciting ways of connecting with their fans into one night filled with intimate performances and a slew of incentives for those that donate to their forthcoming record. Entitled as a "Jumpstarter" campaign, the band will perform at a home "near Chapel Hill" (email the band at for more info) while accepting donations for their album. Pricing levels are set-up similar to that of Kickstarter, but as Terry puts it, "instead of waiting around, you get immediate satisfaction of seeing your money in action." The house show itself will be free with a solo cup running $5, pizza and drinks for $10, all of the above plus a signed copy of their EP for $20 and the list goes on. For $30 you can also get a copy of their new album, for $40 you can get the album and admission into their release show and at increasing prices you can nab plenty of other album related goodies.

The band also incorporated a few house show options for fans, including a home-cooked meal and acoustic set for $200 or a full-on house show for $400. There's plenty of different donating options with varying levels of rewards for those that get involved, and at the very least you get free admission into a house show filled with rambunctious drink-swinging roots rock...not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening. The band recently released a video highlighting some of the recording process which you can view below:

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