Monday, March 31, 2014

Ears to the Ground: "Let Me Out" by Clockwork Kids

Rememory will be released on April 3
Within the past year or so it's become a bit overwhelming as to how many stellar local acts are putting out album after album, it becomes a bit hard to stand out amongst the crowded scene. However, when you're putting out your first full-length you've got to find something people can latch on to, and holy hell have Clockwork Kids done so. To celebrate the release of Rememory, their forthcoming full-length album set to be released on on April 3, the band will be performing the album in its entirety at Morehead Planetarium on UNC Chapel Hill's campus. Accompanied by a string and horn section, the group will be play beneath the stars for a synchronized light show like no other, serving as a top-notch opening for the ConvergeNC Southern Music Festival.

But looking past the release show antics, there's plenty to get excited about with Rememory. Clockwork Kids combine the dreamy aspects of shoegaze with the straightforward melodic tendencies of college rock, topping it all off with the deep, resonant vocals of Justin Ellis. "Let Me Out" gets off to a slow start, slowly rolling along with smoothly strummed guitar lines accentuated by sly overdubs. However, the song gradually builds into a brilliantly robust track, reaching its precipice as Ellis and his three guitar crew reach an emotive crescendo, bringing all of the rich layers together in one dazzling moment of clarity.

The interplay between the band members keeps this six-minute track as fresh and entertaining as a three-minute pop banger and quite frankly should get fans prepped for a night of immersive tunes at Morehead Planetarium. It's rare to see a band that packs in three guitars into one track and it doesn't just feel over the top, but Clockwork Kids' dynamic approach allows each part to shine on its own rather than muddling things up. Combine that with the guest spot from guitarist Chris Petto's father, Frank Petto further fleshing out the track with some slick organ work and you've got a pretty fantastic glance into what you can expect from the band's full-length debut.

Clockwork Kids' Rememory will be released on Thursday, April 3. Rememory was mastered by Thom Canova (The Love Language, Old Ceremony, Dex Romweber Duo) and will performed in full at Morehead Planetarium on Thursday, April 3. Admission is $10 and the show will serve as the opening event for the ConvergeNC Southern Music Festival.

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