Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Show Review: The Love Language and Sylan Esso

The two-night winter formal at Kings Barcade featured two very loved Triangle bands, The Love Language of Merge Records and Trekky Records artist Sylvan Esso. Both nights sold out, with only a handful released at the door night-of that went well before doors opened. I went out Friday night, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and First Friday activities beforehand. Making my way to Kings, I saw dapper men on bicycles headed the same direction alongside women in party dresses. Although not required, formal wear was encouraged for the show. And, let's be honest, it made the prom photo booth that much more fun, and drinking champagne a little more appropriate. 

Sylvan Esso kicked things off with instant energy. Balloons bounced around the heads of the audience, everyone bumping them around trying not to let them hit the ground. So, there was the occasional dive to save one. Adorable, fun and easy to dance to, the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd showed the band a ton of love. With only two songs available on hard copy, I was glad to see more of Sylvan Esso's repertoire. And while I enjoyed some songs more than others, there were not "filler" tracks or ones that were by any means subpar. Vocalist Amelia Meath, wearing an all-black pantsuit with a cropped black and gold jacket, led the crowd in arm pumps and dance moves, all while showcasing her vocal range and fluidity between styles. Nick Sanborn backed her up with beats, loops and other effects. Sanborn's exaggerated twists and turns made the layering fun to watch. They've got a solid, consistent sound and clearly have a good time doing it. 

In between sets I made the customary run down to Neptunes, where an additional dance party was inevitably going on. We also had our prom photo taken at the door of Kings. The photographer positioned us in the corny, wonderfully awkward traditional prom poses that I'm sure will all give us a good laugh to go through. 

The Love Language took the stage, and it was definitely the most intense Love Language show I've ever been to. The band performed strong with genuine excitement for the night, and the crowd jumped, danced, moshed (what?!) and crowd surfed (semi-successfully). The new songs took off like wildfire to those who were and weren't familiar with them. They sprinkled in some slow songs, because what would prom be without some swaying around and twirling? But of course, the old sing-a-longs are always the most fun. Everyone was hype on the music, each other, the general prom night contagion of excitement and Stu McLamb's "Spring Break Forever!" shouts between songs. After an incredible encore featuring “Blue Angel,” a favorite off of 2010’s “Libraries,” that isn’t often played live, the sweaty crowd dispersed outside to cool off before heading back in for Trekky’s DJ Sweet William.

As is essential to any good party, Kings was a great host with festive d├ęcor and endless PBR. The energy was palpitating all night, and made for the best prom.

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