Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ghostt Bllonde Signs to Negative Fun Records

Ghostt Bllonde at WKNC's DBB 10 Day Party
Since around this time last year I've been touting the word of Ghostt Bllonde. What was once the project that rose from the ashes of Coastal Vision has swiftly snowballed into one of the region's most exciting new acts. Marc Kuzio's frantic, angst-ridden lyrics have resonated with countless listeners across the state, turning Ghostt Bllonde's shows into sing-along laden outings that are liable to get crazy quick. It's hard to imagine how a band can keep gathering so much steam, but Ghostt Bllonde is clearly determined to do just that. Earlier this morning it was announced that Ghostt Bllonde would be joining the Negative Fun roster in 2014 for multiple releases with the Raleigh/New Hampshire based label.

Negative Fun garnered a lot of local attention after their Hopscotch Day Party at Legends this year, and since then they've been following a similar trajectory to Ghostt Bllonde by putting on free First Friday events at Legends to help gain local visibility. The opening installment of their Let Feedback Ring series actually featured Ghostt Bllonde as the headliner, which should have been the first indication that something special could come to fruition between the two parties.

Throughout 2014 Ghostt Bllonde will release a handful of singles and demos which will lead up to their second full-length, currently slated for a late 2014 release. However, the footwork leading up to this full-length sounds equally enthralling, releases include a 7" split for a part of Negative Fun's Home and Home series (one side from North Carolina, one from New Hampshire) and an EP of demos on Negative Fun's new tape label imprint Antiquated Technology (run by Negative Fun's Chris DeFusco and local journalist/musician Corbie Hill).

To celebrate this slew of good news, Ghostt Bllonde will be headlining a stellar night at Kings Barcade on Friday, Jan. 3 with Hammer No More The Fingers and Museum Mouth. This three act lineup serves as an excellent start to the new year, giving local fans an even mix of one of the areas most revered local indie-rock acts and two quickly rising newcomers. It's hard to believe that a year ago the band was debuting their staple track "Love is Loathing"on The Bottom String and now they're already prepping for their second full-length, but when you're filled with that much unbridled energy it's gotta go somewhere!

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