Thursday, June 13, 2013

Show Preview: Reptar w/ Casual Curious & The Brand New Life

Reptar will headline at Kings Barcade in Raleigh
on June 18 w/ Casual Curious & The Brand New Life
opening. Tickets are $10 in advance
Ah, summertime shows. The perfect escape from the sweltering blanket of humidity known as a North Carolia summer. It feels a bit like the end of a hibernation, bands are touring like crazy and shows range from a cool welcome oasis to a tightly packed sweatfest in an overcrowded room (hey at least you're in it together). Either way, summer shows are quite simply delightful--especially when they're filled with as many talented bands as this one. On June 18 Kings Barcade will house some of the most exciting live acts in the Southeast.

Reptar's name may throw you off, especially if you're not fond of the early 90's cartoon from which it's inspired. Quite frankly the first time I saw it I was expecting a shitty screamo act, but I was more than pleasantly surprised when I heard the dancy psych-pop that emanated from my speakers. I was immediately enthralled with their unique blend of countless musical stylings, you can hear the group dabbling into Afro-pop rhythms, exploring their sonic depths with expansive synths and evoking passionate emotion with pseudo-shouting vocals. Reptar is the type of band that you simply have to experience live, their energy is practically pouring out of the stereo. Closing your eyes you can envision the band bouncing around on stage with droves of adoring fans and you simply WANT to be there. The band commands your attention by combining entrancing polyrhythms with robust vocal melodies, making for an astounding listening experience.

There couldn't be better openers for this fantastic band either. Greensboro's Casual Curious and Brand New Life will be joining the Athens, Ga. band for a night filled with powerful rhythms and sprawling productions. Casual Curious has swiftly become a local favorite, their rich brass section blows away any pre-conceived notions that you'd have of the electronic based act. While T. Lee Guselman's recordings are attention-grabbing bits of densely packed bursts of emotion, Casual Curious' live show provides an encompassing musical warmth that forces a smile onto the crowd's faces.

Maybe that's what all of these bands have in common, just how damn fun they all are. The Brand New Life serves as the perfect example of this, whether their set lasts for thirty minutes or ninety it's never enough to get your fill of their free-form afro-jazz goodness. The Brand New Life displays a level of talent that is rarely seen in North Carolina musicians, and that's not to say that this state is filled with hacks because we all know that's simply not true. But the musicans in Brand New Life seem to have some sort of inherent groove that connects the massive band. Soaring tenor sax melts into the smooth bass, driven along by the tight percussion and fleshed out with the vibrant trumpets.

There's nothing to dislike about this lineup, it's filled with brilliant musicians who share an unparalleled chemistry. Members of The Brand New Life join Reptar on tour (and will actually be returning from the sweltering Bonnaroo sun on this brief run of shows), T. Lee Guselman joins The Brand New Life, horn players from The Brand New Life fill in for Casual Curious, it's all just one big musical gathering that helps build a small community. A lineup like this is unique in that sense, seldom times can you attend a show and feel like you were truly a part of something special, but next Tuesday at Kings is the perfect chance to experience it.

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