Friday, June 7, 2013

Ears to the Ground: "Matthew" by Villa Verde

If you've checked out our compilation then you're no stranger to the Wilmington based group Villa Verde. Their last single "Tell-Tale Heart" debuted on The Bottom String as a swift blast of eyes wide open indie rock, a vibrant song with filled with drive and determination. With a large scope and short span of attention, their songs sway in and out of various moods. One minute you're gliding along smoothly with a Death Cab-esque refrain and the next you're in the midst of a percussive breakdown filled with frenetic flashes of brilliance.

The band's new single "Matthew" is a perfect representation of this.  The track begins with a brisk drum beat and slowly unravels with a Gibbard-esque vocal melody with the vivid imagery and astute harmonies to match. However, the track doesn't remain static for long, as a punchy bass lick and explosive guitar line kick in and the song transitions into a rhythmic breakdown that feels like a different band entirely. A brief, gritty hint of the development this band has undergone since their last single.

"Matthew" displays a bold side of Villa Verde that showcases the sheer depth of the band's range.  As we saw with "Tell-Tale Heart", the group continues to explore and expand upon their sound and always seem to come back with satisfying results.  The group is set to release an EP sometime this summer.

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