Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gross Ghost announce Odessa debut + tour with Spider Bags

Gross Ghost @ Hopscotch 2012
It's no secret that Gross Ghost is one of my favorite local bands, ever since they put out their Lip City EP I've been addicted to their refreshing take on surf rock sentiments fused with a punk rock drive, topped of nicely with the infectiously poppy melodies of songwriter Mike Dillon.  Gross Ghost released their debut full length, Brer Rabbit, this February on Grip Tapes and it seems that the band hit the ground running and never stopped in 2012.  They've hit up quite a few east coast tours and some high profile dates with local favorites The Love Language, and damn near tore down Berkeley Cafe with a capacity show at Hopscotch.  The sight of wall-to-wall fans vigorously rocking out to Gross Ghost was something that stayed with me throughout Hopscotch, it was an indefinite highlight of the weekend.

Most recently the band announced an upcoming tour with Spiderbags, a band hailed by Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus as one of the best bands in the world.  The tour kicks off on January 15 at The Pinhook in Durham and makes stops in Virginia, Philly, New York, and Baltimore.  While this was exciting news in itself, it was recently announced that Gross Ghost would also be joining Spider Bags as a member of the Odessa Records family.  Gross Ghost is set to release their sophomore full length next spring with the Chapel Hill record label, home to fantastic local acts like Wesley Wolfe, Kingsbury Manx and Americans in France.  Color me excited, Odessa has been a local favorite for me since I discovered Wesley Wolfe back at Troika Music Festival's last year and I've been a fan ever since.  With one of the consistently strongest outputs of the state, one can expect great things from this blossoming relationship.  Check out our You Should Know feature on Gross Ghost below:

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