Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AC Entertainment announces Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit

For the past three years AC Entertainment, the company responsible for the U.S. superfest Bonnaroo, has been bringing an eclectic mix of indie rock darlings and electronic savants to the great city of Asheville under the Moogfest banner.  Starting the same year as Raleigh's Hopscotch, the two festivals have acted as staples of the Carolina music scene by providing vastly different but insanely enjoyable festival experiences.  However, it appears that 2013 will be opening new doors for the fantastic mountain city of Asheville, as AC Entertainment recently announced that they've left the Moogfest banner and will instead be hosting a brand new festival, Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit.

Ashley Capps, AC Entertainment CEO, said that Moogfest has not been re-liscensed to AC Entertainment and that "...we really have no choice but to re-name it.  We enjoyed booking, marketing and producing our event for our fans and want to continue with them on this creative journey."  While Moogfest will surely continue on within it's regular Halloween weekend slot, the addition of Mountain Oasis opens up an exciting realm of possibilities for live music in Asheville.  The beautiful town has a thriving culture of its own, walking down the street one can find busking accordion players and friendly smiles.  This large and thriving city has maintained the sense of community found within a small mountain town, but most importantly it's open to welcoming the booming electronic scene.  This past year Beech Mountain was home to the seemingly disastrous Gnarnia Festival, but Mountain Oasis will provide a legitimate outlet for those anxious Carolinians looking to get their dance on.  AC Entertainment has brought electronic pioneers like Flying Lotus, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, and Brian Eno to Asheville within the past few years and will surely continue on with this exciting new festival.

News on both Mountain Oasis and Moogfest will be coming in 2013, and whether Mountain Oasis contains the diversity found within Moogfest's lineup has yet to be seen.  But either way, this can only mean great things for the bustling festival scene in North Carolina.

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