Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Shakori Essentials: Lost in the Trees

It's no surprise to any fan of the Triangle music scene that Lost in the Trees, rose to stardom.  The band's unique style of combining rustic and deeply personal folk music with that of grandiose chamber music was a recipe for success, it's a sound that eases you in with relatable lyrics and clinches your attention with perfectly orchestrated instrumentation to coincide with the rise and fall of Ari Picker's heartfelt stories.  It's been three long years since Lost in the Trees played Shakori Hills, and their Saturday afternoon set on the Meadow Stage will be the perfect homecoming for these local standouts.  It's already set to be the highlight of my weekend, it's been over a year since I last saw Lost in the Trees as a bright eyed fanboy, plopped cross-legged on the floor of Fletcher Opera Hall...far too long if you ask me.

Lost in the Trees have been touring non-stop lately, recently finishing up a run of shows with The Head and The Heart and Fleet Foxes side-project Poor Moon before that.  The band is getting ready to hit the road once again and Shakori will be the first stop on yet another lengthy nationwide tour, this time with fellow North Carolina act Midtown Dickens.  While they're playing again in the Triangle in December at Reynolds Industry Theatre with a full chamber orchestra, their set at Shakori Hills will be a truly unique and magical experience.  The folks that attend Shakori are embedded within this music scene and the passion that any one person can feel for this band pales in comparison to the feeling of singing along with a field full of like minded individuals.  I'll be missing the latter half of Unknown Tongues (playing at 3:30 in the Dance Tent) to check out the full set from one of my favorite North Carolina artists playing one of my favorite North Carolina festivals.  The best possible way to spend a Saturday.

Check out the band's performance of "Time Taunts Me", the title track from their first EP which recently just got its second pressing on Trekky Records with a stunning white vinyl.  Time to buy copy number two?

Lost in the Trees plays on Saturday October 6 @ 4:00 on the Meadow Stage

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