Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Caleb Caudle to release solo record, "Tobacco Town"

Caleb Caudle, frontman of The Bayonets, has recently announced the release of an upcoming solo album that's got me quite excited.  Caleb Caudle has been a favorite North Carolina songwriter of mine for years now, he first struck a chord with a particularly moving performance of "Stay On" back at Broad Street Music in New Bern, but watching his songwriting flourish and blossom in the past few years has been delightful.  Caudle has an October 12 release date on his debut solo album, Tobacco Town, from which two songs have already been released.

Caleb's solo endeavors have a markedly different feel than The Bayonets, there's a far heavier focus folk rather than Americana, and quite frankly it's a style that Caudle's melodies may be better suited for.  Caudle has a wonderful way of making you feel like a part of his songs, it's a very open and unapologetic approach to songwriting that feels much more natural with a softly sung female harmony than an out and out rock song like some Bayonets tracks are.  But make no mistakes, there's still plenty of dynamic within these solo tracks, from the rise of "Blue or Gray" to the foot-stomping fiddle line that brings in "Midnight Beauty", Caudle has a certain sincerity in his voice that resonates throughout the listener.  Caleb Caudle will be celebrating his album release on October 12 with Lucero at Ziggy's in Winston Salem, NC.  Check out two tracks from his solo album below:

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