Friday, February 3, 2012

You Should Know: The Collection

The Collection
Never before have I seen so many individuals gathered together as a band who seemed so genuinely appreciative of the company they're with, that was the first thing that struck me as interesting when I sat down with The Collection in a small home in Greensboro.  The second was their passion.  Whether it be to their religious ties (they're the first band who's asked to pray before their session, which while I'm not a religious individual struck me with a sense of comfort) or their music, it's clear that The Collection pours their heart and soul into everything they do.

Led by David Wimbish, The Collection couldn't be more aptly named.  This collection of musicians act less as a means of conveying Wimbish's artistic vision, but more as a gigantic unit that bring their own ideas and influences to the table with equal pull.  The harmony amongst the band shines brightly in their performances, ending each song with a hearty laugh and smiles all around.  Their energy permeates and infects their listeners with a feeling of comfort, it's therapeutic to hear Wimbish's vocals peak into a shout and dip into a whisper.  There's so many dynamics and layers within the music that are able to shine through at their own respective points.  There's an astounding sense of balance within this band, which is incredible when considering how large of a band they are.

The Collection's music has religious overtones that are pulled off thanks to Wimbish's lyrical prowess.  Sometimes a religious base can seem forced or can appear to be used as a crutch, but between the passion felt in the compositions and the accessibility of the lyrics, it's easy for anyone to take a listen and immerse themselves in the sounds of The Collection regardless of their religious beliefs or denomination.  I sat down and spoke with The Collection about their recent tour, their songwriting process, their influences and more.  You can check out the interview as well as a performance of "Lazarus" and "Seeds", both of which are available for download on the band's most recent EP, The Collection EP (Found here).  We've also got a Bottom String Session with The Collection coming up soon with two more tracks from our session.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. As David's previous band's sound guy, I love reading and seeing this. Thanks.
    I'd also like to commend you, author-person, for being fair and neutral about the differences in faiths.