Friday, February 3, 2012

New music from Holy Ghost Tent Revival + Patrick Leslie

Holy Ghost Tent Revival @ Shakori Hills
Spring 2011
Late last year we saw the departure of one of Holy Ghost Tent Revivals most beloved members with Patrick Leslie.  Holy Ghost has never been a band to slow down though, and with Kevin Williams now playing bass the band has continued trucking on and recently released a new EP, Alpha Dogs To Submarines via their Bandcamp.  Holy Ghost Tent Revival has undergone many changes since their last release, while Patrick has left the band they've also begun using much more electric guitar in the band as well.  While the band still maintains a rag-time sense of rhythm, they lack some of their bluegrass overtones that used to be so prominent, however, they've not sacrificed their dance-y vibes.

Holy Ghost is still as energetic as ever, maybe more so with this new direction that the band is taking.  Guitarist Matt Martin has more room to show off his phenomenal guitar skills and it makes those moments where Stephen pulls out a banjo all the more important.  Fans who've seen their live show within the past year or so will be no strangers to this new sound, but for fans who've only been following their physical releases this will be a pleasant surprise.  Alpha Dogs To Submarines is available for $5 on Bandcamp.

While Holy Ghost has been busy with their recordings, Patrick has begun a project of his own.  Since early January Patrick has been posting solo tracks under the moniker of Gander Lands, a project that is much more deeply rooted in the rustic sounds that Holy Ghost Tent Revival used to consist of, which could potentially explain the splitting from the band.  However, Gander Lands is vastly different than Patrick's work with HGTR as it's often times a bit more solemn and folk-based rather than bluegrass.   Gander Lands finds Patrick's voice ranging from soothing and wholesome to downright haunting, lamenting, "Maybe a heart never heals/ Puts on its sweater and runs for the fields/ Baby this heart doesn't heal" on "Sleep Song". Gander Lands is a raw and visceral breath of fresh air for North Carolina's folk scene.  I for one am just glad to be hearing more songs from both of these projects.  Gander Lands has several songs available for free download over on Bandcamp.


  1. Good blog! Having seen Holy Ghost Tent Revival on NYE, (and I haven't see them in over a year) I was surprised at their departure from the bluegrassy sound. They just seemed a little more generic now. I'll be sure to check out Patrick solo. Also be sure to check out my blog (Picks, Strings and Other Things) - review of the live shows I attend.

  2. HGTR was pretty weak last night at The Visualite. The new direction just seems like more of the same in the genre. They have certainly lost a very unique and lovely aspect with Patrick's split. I'll have to check out Gander and see if it stands any ground.