Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Army releases 7" self-titled debut

Some Army will be releasing their self-titled 7" @ Local 506
on Friday January 13, 2012 w/ Fan Modine & Prypat
With a show coming up with Fan Modine at Local 506 on Friday night you've got no reason to not go check out what has to potential be one of 2012's most promising local acts.  Some Army is a six piece band comprised of members of Honored Guests, Aminal, and JKutchma led by songwriter Russel Bagget of Honored Guests.

Bagget's soothing vocals serve as the perfect compliment to the ethereal sounds of Some Army's instrumentation.  It's slow brewing psychedelic rock music with brilliant melodies that give it a bit of a folk/pop twist to make for an incredibly interesting listening experience.

Some Army features enchanting soundscapes that the listener can truly immerse themselves in, you can tell the band is capable of putting out something fantastic with a full-length record, but this 7" release serves its exact purpose of giving us just enough of a taste to leave us begging for more.  I know I'll be anxiously awaiting word on the release of this upcoming full length in the next few months.

These three solid tracks allow Some Army to hit the ground running in 2012 with their show on Friday at Local 506 with Fan Modine and Prypat (Featuring Duncan Webster of Hammer No More The Fingers and Leah Gibson from Lost in the Trees).  The band plans to release a full length album in the Spring/Summer of this year but you can check out their self-titled 7" (hand-cut by fellow Triangle rocker Wesley Wolfe) on their Bandcamp page or you can purchase it at the show on Friday.

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