Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lost in the Trees announce new album "A Church That Fits Our Needs" + releases new song, "Red"

Lost in the Trees @ Fletcher Opera Hall
at Hopscotch Music Festival 2011
The darlings of North Carolina's music scene, Lost in the Trees, have finally announced their much awaited follow up to All Alone In An Empty House, the masterpiece of a record re-released on ANTI back in 2010.  The re-release thrust Lost in the Trees into the spotlight, even leading to their addition on Jeff Mangum's ATP Festival in Europe.  The wait for another album is finally over though as it was announced today that A Church That Fits Our Needs will be released on March 20, 2012.  This wasn't the only delicious nugget of information that Lost in the Trees dropped for us today though, as the album announcement coincided with the release of a new song, "Red" which can be found on NPR's All Songs Considered, check out the link after the jump.

While All Alone In An Empty House chronicled the story of band leader Ari Picker's family and childhood story, it seems that A Church That Fits Our Needs continues with the raw and unfiltered themes found within their first album.  This album, "creates a space for [Ari's] mother's soul" as he puts it in a "Making Of" video released by Anti Records.  Ari's writing style gives the listeners a window through which to peek into the very core of the songwriter, exploring thoughts and feelings that others may find far too personal to even share with others, much less flesh it out into a beautiful orchestral image.

Check out their new song, "Red" here, and catch a glimpse into the making of their upcoming album below

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