Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hopscotch announces new venue and ticket information

Long View Center is the first new venue announced
for Hopscotch 2012
While Hopscotch is only a few months behind us, announcements for Hopscotch 2012 have already begun pouring in.  Between their exciting "Hopscotch Presents" series, which thusfar has announced acts like Hopscotch alumni Akron/Family playing at The Pour House in January, and their continued stream of information drops, it looks like Hopscotch is going to start building up anticipation early this year.

From September 6-8 of 2012, Raleigh will be alive with the sounds of music once more, this time encapsulating fifteen venues and over 175 bands.  The addition of two new venues and over twenty-five more bands than last year proves the continued growth of Hopscotch throughout the past few years, and with the bands brought in last year one can only imagine how Independent Weekly will try to top themselves in 2012.  Either way it's a win-win situation for us fans.

Today Hopscotch announced the first new addition to their already stunning list of venues participating in the Raleigh festival.  Long View Center, located on the corner of Person and Hargett, barely a block away from Tir Na Nog and The Pour House, is the most recent addition to the list of venues and it's one that's already got me giddy with anticipation for the bands that can potentially play at this absolutely stunning building.  Able to seat around 400, this adds another excellent high capacity indoor venue to rival last years new addition of Fletcher Opera Hall.

Tickets for Hopscotch 2012 will go on sale December 1, 2011 and more ticket information will be announced soon.  More information on Hopscotch can be found at their website:

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