Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bottom String Session #15 - Mandolin Orange

This session kicks off what was a powerhouse of a weekend for The Bottom String.  We filmed three new sessions, filmed a brand new piece called You Should Know with Gross Ghost, as well as covered The Sea and Cake and Bombadil release show.  Amidst all of the running around Chapel Hill this weekend, some of the best footage I've filmed so far was captured, including some of this excellent session with Mandolin Orange.

Mandolin Orange was the first band I ever attempted to film over a year ago when they stopped through my town of New Bern for a breath taking set in one of the finest venues I've ever gotten the chance to be a part of, the old Broad Street Music space.  It was then that my adoration for this band began and it has only blossomed since then.  Andrew Marlin was kind enough to let myself and Agatha Donkar in to shoot for not only this Mandolin Orange session, but a Sinful Savage Tigers session on his back patio as well (which will be up later in the week).

Mandolin Orange was joined by an array of talented local musicians for this session including Seth Barden on upright bass from Sinful Savage Tigers, Josh Oliver (formerly of The Everybodyfields), as well as Josh Moore. We got one Mandolin Orange original and two classic covers that ended up becoming glorious jams.  Unfortunately the camera shit out on me for an excellent cover of "The Long Black Veil", but alas technology can't always be perfect.  Check out all of the videos plus some excellent photos from Agatha after the jump.

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