Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sinful Savage Tigers prepare for album release

Last Night of the Revel is being released
on October 22, 2011 at The Station
in Carrboro, NC
Sinful Savage Tigers have sculpted a wonderful folk soundscape with their latest release, The Last Night of the Revels and they're prepping for what's sure to be an incredible night of music on Saturday with their big album release show with Phil Cook & His Feat opening at The Station.  Sinful Savage Tigers is composed of Seth Martin, Andrew Marlin (of Mandolin Orange), and Seth Barden.  Special guests amongst the band include a who's who of the Triangle music scene with names like Phil Cook (Megafaun), Emily Frantz (Mandolin Orange), and James Wallace (Max Indian). Together these three have crafted a delightful bluegrass/folk album that glides along for just over forty minutes of catchy, heartfelt, and rustic tunes.

The Station is an absolutely incredible location for this release show, the vibes that will surely be radiating throughout the room will encapsulate the listeners with the sincerity and how relatable Sinful Savage Tigers' sound truly is.  Plus the show is free, so there's really no excuse to not go and check out these locals celebrating the release of this great collection of songs.  The album's opener "Chocolate Cake" draws back feelings of nostalgia, simplicity, going back home and most importantly, getting some of that chocolate cake.  The album is filled with moments like this, filled with tinges of southern anthems, but most importantly they don't just allow themselves to fall into the same old thematic same-old same-old.

There's enough variance throughout the tracks to make the album feel like something more than a run of the mill congregation of bluegrass tunes, but there's nothing truly groundbreaking. The instrumentation, however, is excellent in every sense of the word.  Andrew Marlin's mandolin work shines bright on the album, Seth Barden's bass grooves right along, and all of it perfectly compliments the unique yet familiar songwriting stylings of Seth Martin.  The lyrics aren't breath taking, but there's an element of Seth's voice that makes you feel every line, every word, hell every syllable deep in your chest.  Plus as per usual, I'm a sucker for great harmonies and these guys do it well.  Very well.

Tracks like "The Road to Mocharabuiee" display some of the finer elements of Sinful Savage Tigers, they're firing on all cylinders and it's a joyous outcome.  The album doesn't necessarily have single track highlights for me though, rather they all blend together brilliantly to create one cohesive mix of songs that can send you into a lull for the next forty minutes.  Do yourself a favor and check out Sinful Savage Tigers' album release show at The Station in Carrboro this Saturday, October 22 with opener Phil Cook & His Feat.

Check out this video performance of the album's opening track, "Chocolate Cake":

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