Wednesday, February 15, 2017

P.A.T. Junior releases video for 'S.O.T.B'

In 2017 I'd wager to state that North Carolina's hip-hop scene is stronger than it's been in the past decade. It seems like stand-out emcees have been popping up left and right, each one inhabiting their own unique niche, putting a personalized spin on the genre. However, in recent years it's harder to find someone that's had as compelling an evolution as P.A.T. Junior. I remember years back at a beat show in Nice Price Books when Oak City Slums shouted out to P.A.T, he jumped on the mic and swiftly spat some aggressive, yet entrancing bars. Back then the emcee showed promise, but now he shows prowess, bobbing and weaving through the rhythmic swings of a beat like a boxer planning his next hook.

P.A.T's live shows are also quite the spectacle, boasting a live drummer and DJ, P.A.T's energy is infectious, it's raw and unfiltered but isn't weighed down by glitz and glamour. That's why tracks like 'S.O.T.B', P.A.T.'S latest single, work so damn well. The beat itself is simple, a choppy piano riff that's on a continuous loop and frequently chopped and screwed. Every now and then a bass line will swell, hi-hats will chirp and pitch-changed vocals will accentuate particular lines.

While the song is a few months old, an accompanying video directed by Corey Reid was recently released that helps breathe new life into the song. Throughout most of the video P.A.T is lurking in shadows, playing to the song's bleak, dark aesthetic and frankly just looking really fuckin' cool. "Strategy's important," P.A.T touts, "you gotta choose whether to Bruce Wayne or throw the mask on 'em". With the skill and determination that we've already seen from him this year it's pretty clear which option P.A.T. Junior has chosen.

You can check out the video for "S.O.T.B" below and be sure to check out P.A.T's upcoming show at The Pinhook opening for Hotline alongside the up-and-coming producer, Trandle. Purchase tickets for the event here.

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