Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ears To The Ground: "So Hard" by Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues (Greensboro) released their new single,
"So Hard" on Bandcamp Aug. 26
Within recent years the Triad region has begun to develop quite the bustling music scene. While folks who hear that statement may immediately jump towards Winston-Salem and the burgeoning scene being developed with the help of Phuzz Records, it'd be unfair to write Greensboro out of the picture so soon. The city hosts a truly eclectic mixture of acts, bands like Holy Ghost Tent Revival serve as the scene's figureheads while The Collective and Lowland Hum are gaining steam with their beautiful melodic folk. Although their orchestral tunes get bukus of focus, Greensboro has always been home to a more raucous rock scene as well. Venues thrive on DIY atmospheres, you're able to find a nationally touring act inside of an I Love NY Pizza and frankly few other cities can make that claim.

One of the acts coming out of Greensboro that's set on slowly building a name for themselves through no-frills, hooky surf rock is Daddy Issues. The female-centric surf-punk quartet is comprised of Lo Davy, Lindsey Sprague, Maddie Putney, and Amethyst White. Together they craft unabashed rock n' roll with the same tenacity of any grizzled band of unkempt dudes you can find. They toss out any preconceived notions of an entirely female rock band with their latest single "So Hard," a song that's literally about making a dude's dick so hard that he's miles away. The band are unapologetic in how crass and straight forward their songs can be, and that's what makes them so great. If you're looking for some stereotypical songs about love, boys and other ridiculously gendered topics then you can get the hell out and go listen to some Best Coast or something. If you're looking for a band that prides themselves on being original, authentic and honest as hell then look no further than Daddy Issues.

Daddy Issues fits right alongside Triangle rockers like Gross Ghost and Ghostt Bllonde (despite their lack of a spooky ghost name) and have bukus of promise lying within these simplistic songs. The band will be performing at ReverbNation's Hopscotch Day Party on Saturday, Sept. 6 at Deep South alongside Hammer No More The Fingers, Jenny Besetzt, Iggy Cosky (of The Lollipops) and thefacesblur (of Body Games).

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