Friday, July 11, 2014

Shakori Hills announces Stars in the Round lineup

So Shakori Hills is basically one of my favorite parts of the North Carolina music scene. While Shakori is primarily best known for their bi-annual festivals that take place in April and October, the 75-acre farmlands have been gradually getting more and more events since the organizers made their long-awaited land purchase. Naturally this means that any chance folks can get to flock to their festival mecca should be one ridiculously excellent time. Last month Shakori Hills hosted a luau themed event on the farmlands, displaying the depth and diversity of their talent pool and further expanding their musical horizons. However, on August 23 the 5th annual Stars in the Round event will bring a handful of the region's talented songwriters to Shakori Hills for an evening of roots-driven folk, soul, country and Americana.

For the past five years Stars in the Round has been bringing together various songwriters to share their music in a rich communal environment. The evening's staple performances are based around a songwriters circle, hosted this year by Grammy Award-winning North Carolina artist, Jim Lauderdale. Lauderdale will be joined by Laurelyn Dossett, John Howie, Jr., Dan Smith, Nikki Talley, and Shannon Whitworth as they one-by-one pass the mic around to serenade the droves of Shakori supporters in attendance. Shakori staple Ironing Board Sam will be opening up the evening's performances with his captivating, soulful sounds.

Profits from the annual event all go back towards the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center, a way to make sure that fantastic events like these continue to grow and flourish in our local community. The funds will help the organization to improve upon the infrastructure at the farmlands, planned renovations include an indoor dance hall and improvements to the community gardens and nature trails. The Shakori Hills Pizza Shack will be open along with the Lil' Coffee Barn as well. Beer will be available from Carolina Brewery and snacks from Pittsboro's Phoenix Bakery will be on-site as well. Tickets for the Stars in the Round event are $15 in advance and $20 at the gate, with camping allowed for the evening as well at $15 per site (allowing 1 vehicle and 2 tents). More information on the event can be found at

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