Monday, February 17, 2014

Show Preview: Russian Circles with Ken Mode and Inter Arma

Russian Circles will perform at Cat's Cradle on
Feb. 17 w/ KEN mode and Inter Arma
Chicago's instrumental rock band Russian Circles returns to Cat's Cradle tonight, joined by KEN Mode and Inter Arma.

I'm very spoiled to live in such a rich music scene here in Raleigh, but I think Richmond, VA has a lot to boast about too. The quintet Inter Arma calls it home and has made a splash in the heavy rock community there. They've built up a great tour resume and have been able to successfully combine sludge with psych, with a few other arms in various genres here and there.

KEN mode (Kill Everyone Now) formed 15 years ago in Canada. Noisy, sludgy and representing the post-hardcore scene, they've gotten very positive feedback over the years for both their live shows and recorded music. Matt Bayles, who has produced and engineered albums for bands including Caspian, Mono, Cursive and Russian Circles, mixed KEN mode's newest album "Entrench." Bayles has had a knack for tackling the fine line between professional production and sounding too polished, and what bands I have seen of his catalog, overall, translate their music well to a live performance. With their experience and track record, I'm expecting a hell of a show from these guys. I'm also expecting to maybe not be able to hear for a few days -- but hey, sacrifices.

Russian Circles has come through the triangle before, and for whatever reason I couldn't make it out. I'm still hearing from friends about how big of a mistake that was. The band has put out five full length studio albums in addition to a 2004 self-titled and self-released EP, as well as single a split release with These Arms Are Snakes. The discography takes you through chunky instrumentation with metal roots to an emotive atmosphere, most pronounced and their October release of "Memorial" put out by Sargent House. Chelsea Wolfe, who has done a lot of the tour with Russian Circles, appears on the title track of the album.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. Tickets are available at the door for $15. More information can be found at

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