Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ears to the Ground: "No Dark/No Light" by Lilac Shadows

It's with great pleasure that I share this brand new Lilac Shadows track with all of you. I've been intently listening to No Dark/No Light, Lilac Shadows' forthcoming full-length album set for release on Feb. 4, for a few months now. But regardless of how many times I listen to it I still find myself just as transfixed as I was on my first listen. With a revamped lineup, Lilac Shadows has come strong out of the gate for their debut full-length. No Dark/No Light finds the band delving deeper into the explorative tendencies that they toyed with on their Shallow Madness EP, they're swiftly mastering the push and pull that all great psych-rock bands harness.

"No Dark/No Light" is the album's lead single and it's a brilliant representation of what can be found on the album. Whether it's the rich dynamic shifts, the deeply layered strings or the rambling vocal melody, "No Dark/No Light" contains plenty of subtle nuances that the listener can go back and hone in on. It's a revelatory experience each time around, whether you find yourself entrenched in the encapsulating instrumentation or sucked into the equally dense vocal patterns and lyricism, it's all worthy of your undivided attention.

No Dark/No Light is a unique sonic adventure with apt titling. The album is as bold and defined as it is amorphous. Frankly it's one of those albums best experienced with minimal distractions, with eyes closed and headphones on just absorbing all of the intricacies that lie within. Granted that's easy for me to say since I've been following a similar listening pattern for a few weeks now, but if you don't believe me then give this title track the same respect. Nestle yourself inside of some blankets and pump these tunes into your ears and tell me you're not craving more. Sure you can blast this in a car or through your laptop speakers and get an equally enthralling experience, but music this wonderful deserves your aural respect. So give it such!

No Dark/No Light will be released on DiggUp Tapes on February 4. Lilac Shadows will celebrate the release of the album with a show at The Carrack Art Gallery in Durham. Joined by Midnight Plus One and Matt Northrup, Lilac Shadows will also be providing a "collaborative multimedia exhibit" so that fans can truly immerse themselves in the vibrant world of No Dark/No Light. Artists involved in the exhibit will be sharing interpretive artwork that serves as a response to their listening of the album. From Feb. 4-15, the Carrack will house this artwork along with an interactive sound exhibit, featuring samples of the album that people can interact with, creating their own soundscapes.

Artists involved includes: Harrison Haynes, Casey Cook, Ann Tilley, Will Goodyear, Katie Zickefoose, Gabrielle Duggan, JP Trostle, Brian Howe, Jeremy Withers, Thomas Dean, Janie Ledford, Grace Montgomery, Linc Hancock, Liz Bradford, Kelly Kye, David Eichenberger, Sandy Logan, Jacki Huntington, Matt Park and more forthcoming...

Check out the band's upcoming show schedule and listen to the title track below:

Upcoming Shows:

Feb. 8 - Durham, NC; The Carrack Gallery Release Show and Art Opening with Midnight Plus One and Matt Northrup
Feb. 20 - Raleigh, NC; Tir Na Nog with White Cascade and Jazz Tapes
Feb. 21 - Richmond, VA; Boyzhouse with Lonnie Walker
Feb. 22 - Washington DC; The Dunes with Lonnie Walker and The North Country
March 13 - Durham, NC; The Pinhook with Zack Mexico and The Clockwork Kids
March 14 - Charleston, SC; Swamp House with Zack Mexico and Elim Bolt
March 15 - Columbia, SC; Shredquarters with Zack Mexico and Elim Bolt
March 16 - Charlotte, NC;  Strange_House with Zack Mexico and Elim Bolt

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