Friday, October 18, 2013

Show Review: FUZZ w/ CCR Headcleaner and Big No

FUZZ at Kings Barcade
Photos and Write-up by Anastassia Olegovna
As predicted, Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner and Big No actually damaged my hearing and almost led me to wear a neck brace for a few days. But why would any one expect anything less from a band associated with Ty Segall’s name?  Although Fuzz arrived late and the show started about an hour later than it should have, the tension and awkwardness of waiting around for them was dissipated very quickly.

      Big No started out the night, facing a crowd of well dressed people who looked like they could all be in bands, and probably were. Although a fairly young band, Big No proved that they could reign in the ranks of the loud sludge-garage bands. I was pleasantly surprised because Big No definitely sounds more aggressive and loud live, a quality that I admire in bands. The songs weren’t too long and it didn’t feel like a chore seeing this first band open up. 

    CCR Headcleaner
    Photo by Anastassia Olegovna
      Next CCR Headcleaner restored all my faith in finding a metal band that I actually like. They trudged through a sludge-metal set that I’ve never experienced. The band looked like a combination of The New York Dolls and The Clash but the sound they were producing was very far from punk. The music hung in the air like heavy smoke, a very loud cloud of it. I wasn’t surprised that this would be an opener for Ty’s new project but I was intrigued to see the kind of audience that bands like these bring out.

      Finally, Fuzz came on, with Ty positioned front and center. The energy that Ty and every band he gathers put out is truly incredible. I can’t be too sure if I like Fuzz because they are a Ty Segall project or because I really do like the music but Fuzz is definitely a band that you and your Black Sabbath loving dad could seriously bond over. Fuzz channels stoner-metal of 1970s perfectly. While the guitar riffs and the drum patterns can be too familiar at times, there is a pleasant familiarity that presides in all the songs and that is irresistibly insane. No matter how hard I tried to not convulse and head-bang, Fuzz won over my controlling mind.

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