Friday, September 20, 2013

Show Review: Screaming Females with Waxahatchee and Tenement

Tenement at Kings Barcade
Usually it would take a little longer to warm up the crowd and get them past their first PBR of the night cloud when everyone’s feet seem to be glued to the ground. Tenement was able to break that right away. They had fast-paced rock and half stacks almost as tall as the members. Bouncing all around stage, the guitarist showed off his vertical jump skills with a ton of mid-air kicks amplified by windmill-style strumming.  The energy was contagious.

Waxahatchee followed, toning the liveliness down a bit. Guitarist and singer Katie Crutchfield was accompanied by a bassist and a drummer on stage. They didn’t interact with each other much. Katie seemed to drift away into her lyrics, with emotive singing while keeping her eyes heavy. She had an effortless air and softness to her voice that sounded great over the distorted guitars.

Screaming Females
Screaming Females came out and rocked it. Marissa Paternoster’s spastic leaps across stage between pick slides and finger taps were impressive. She wore a Slinger Hip instead of the traditional over-the-shoulder guitar strap. It seemed that it made it easier to roll around on stage not having the extra stability based on the shoulder. From backbends to deep lunges and propped-up poses, she ran back and forth between facing the crowd and going ballistic with drummer Jarret Dougherty and bassist King Mike. Screams and powerhouse vocal were raw – it was loud and awesome.

The bill as a whole flowed together and made for a good mid-week mental break. 
Screaming Females

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