Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A-Trak and Holy Ghost! To Replace Big Boi at Hopscotch

A-Trak will join Holy Ghost!, Future Islands
and Gross Ghost at Hopscotch's City Plaza Show
on Friday, Sept. 6
Last week Hopscotch announced some bittersweet news, Big Boi's City Plaza performance was cancelled due to unfortunate scheduling circumstance. While it's a massive bummer that Big Boi won't light up the Hopscotch stage, the silver lining lies in the fact that Hopscotch had announced that Big Boi would be replaced with two artists on the Friday night bill to make for one massive "sorry this isn't Big Boi" show. Well it turns out that Hopscotch attendees have broken the age old mantra and can now have their cake and eat it too, as the festival announced A-Track and Holy Ghost! as Big Boi's replacements. But most importantly, they've announced a rescheduled Big Boi show with a huge added perk for festival goers.

Big Boi's replacement show will take place at Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, Sept. 21 and the first 1,000 tickets are going to made available absolutely free for Hopscotch wristband buyers. The wristbands will be available at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Raleigh once wristband distribution begins on Sept. 4. Fans who bought a single-day ticket for the City Plaza show will still be able to attend the festivities on Friday and will also be able to obtain a free ticket for the Big Boi show. For more information on the replacement show check out Hopscotch's official announcement.

In the meantime though, revel in the ridiculously awesome show that has resulted in this scheduling mishap. Fool's Gold co-founder A-Trak has become one of the hottest festival commodities in recent memory, not only does he head up one of the most exciting record labels in the country (who have put out one of the best hip-hop releases of the year with Run The Jewels) but he's also an absurdly talented DJ. A-Track has commanded crowds at the year's largest festivals this year and will close out Friday night's ridiculously turnt up lineup.

Holy Ghost! serve as another welcomed addition to the lineup, the buzzed about Brooklyn band on James Murhpy's DFA Records. Fresh off tour with New Order, Holy Ghost! will be the perfect follow up for the emotionally intensive electronic sounds of Future Islands. Holy Ghost! serve up 80s-esque dance tunes with finesse and poise, their addition to the City Plaza lineup makes Friday's showing the biggest dance party the festival has scene thusfar. I never thought I'd see a lineup where Gross Ghost was the odd-band out, but even though they're less dance oriented their bursts of energy will feel right at home with the vivacious acts that follow them.

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