Friday, May 31, 2013

Listen To New Music From Lilac Shadows and Jenny Besetzt

Find me a better local label than DiggUp Tapes.  I'd give you time to do so but I highly doubt that said label exists right now.  DiggUp has been firing on all cylinders lately, whether they're releasing incredible music from some of the state's fastest rising acts, consistently putting on fantastic shows around the Triangle, or reviving the tried and true art of cassettes, the label is always giving back to this tight-knit music community.

Most recently the label has been putting out stellar Cassingles featuring new tracks from some of my favorite local acts.  We've been given some stellar new music from The Human Eyes, Spider Bags, Oulipo, Body Games and much more in the past few months.  However, the label's most recent release proves to be one of the standouts of the past few months.

Lilac Shadows and Jenny Besetzt recently teamed up for an east coast tour that kicked off with yet another Cassingle release show, marking the debut of two new fantastic songs from these local gems.  Lilac Shadows contributed a shimmering new song called "Turn It Off", trading in their darker, moody sounds for a dazzling pop tune that oozes with summer aesthetics.  While the group's lyricism retains its bleek and somber tones, the melodies are bursting with energy, soaring above pulsing rhythms and driving guitar lines.

Jenny Besetzt on the other hand, deliver a down-tempo track with a slow-build to counter Lilac's in your face pop tune. John Wollober's vocals provide a haunting tint to this minimalistic track. "Dennison Corners" is mostly comprised of a repeating chord progression and Wollober's bleak, static melody that glides slowly through this low-key track.

Listen to the two new songs below and share your thoughts:

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