Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shakori Spotlight: Noot D'Noot

Noot D'Noot plays at Carson's Grove on
Friday April 19 at 11:00 p.m.
One of Shakori's greatest draws is the quality of their late night shows.  Notorious for high-energy sets from a vast array of genres, there's no telling what to expect when the lineup is released.  But whenever you see a familiar face at the festival you can't help but feel elated.  That's what happened when I saw that Noot D'Noot would be performing this Spring.  Noot D'Noot is a band that I first saw opening for Of Montreal at The Cat's Cradle back in high school.  I knew my vision of the band was probably flawed, even though I still looked back on that set fondly.  High school Grant just didn't have the best musical tastes.

However, The show I experienced in the dance tent at Shakori 2011 from Noot D'Noot was unlike anything I could have imagined.  Noot D'Noot seized my attention from their first note, their soulfully funky sounds proved to be one of the high points of the weekend.  The eight-piece crew commands the stage with soaring horns and enough excitement to compel even the lamest of squares to dance their hearts out.

That's what Noot D'Noot brings to the table with a late-night Shakori set, one of the most engaging and incredible performances you'll see all weekend.  Powerful female vocals serve as the foundation for this ambitious psychedelic afro-funk experience, Noot D'Noot is a band that you simply must see live to get the full experience.

This group exudes energy, to the degree that you'll be hard pressed to find a face that isn't smiling when they're shaking and sweating to Noot D'Noot.  Their rhythms control you and their melodies compel you, they're the perfect blend of depth and sheen to make for an enjoyable experience from all listeners.  While the group's vivacious set under the Dance Tent in 2011 was an intimate dance-extravaganza, this year's set will be at Carson's Grove at 11:00 p.m. on Friday April 19.  However, some of the wildest Shakori sets can come from Carson's shows, certain Holy Ghost Tent Revival sets can definitely come to mind.  The stage set for this band isn't what matters though, it's their music, and I for one certainly won't mind hearing their incredible tunes from this standout act echoing throughout the fields of Shakori.

Check out the video for the band's new track, "Streetfighter" below:

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  1. shakori rocks .. so does noot d noot