Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trekky Records Releases "Amalgam" Mixtape

Trekky Records' Amalgam Release
Show is on March 2 at Nightlight
On Friday at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, Trekky Records will be celebrating the release of their brand new mix tape featuring some of the finest artists in the state.  Amalgam is a fantastic compilation featuring new tracks from Lost in the Trees and Midtown Dickens upcoming records as well as new music for the first time in six years from Vibrant Green, one of Trekky's grizzled veteran groups.  The release show is $5 and features performances from Butterflies, Phil Cook & His Feat, Vibrant Green and a surprise guest making their return to Nightlight.

Amalgam is a fantastic snapshot of Trekky's artists, giving new tracks from some of the label's premier bands as well as some of the best songs from Trekky's ten year history.  There's a lovely blend of tight indie-rock from bands like Butterflies and Embarrassing Fruits, giving us tracks from their latest releases, as well as the rustic folk music that shines so brightly with Trekky like Phil Cook & His Feat.  One of the best parts of Amalgam is the nostalgic tunes that can be found on the mix tape, bands like Mortar + Pestle (featuring Josh Kimbrough of Butterflies and Joe Norkus of Embarrassing Fruits), Physics of Meaning (an act that we quite frankly see FAR too little of in my opinion), and Vibrant Green rear their heads back up to open up a world of new music for those who may not be as familiar with Trekky's back catalogue.

Amalgam represents Trekky in the perfect light, even down to the meticulous things like the fact that Ari Picker produced the latest Vibrant Green track.  The mix tape displays the sense of family that makes Trekky so special in the triangle music scene.  It also feels like a genuine mix tape rather than just a compilation of Trekky bands, it's got an excellent cohesion and pacing that allows for a joyous listen that may open up your ears to some unfamiliar Trekky tunes.  Be sure to head out to the release show on Friday, I've got a hankering that the special guest is going to be something truly awesome!

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