Monday, October 25, 2010

Album Review: "Sorry, Earth" by Wild Wild Geese

Sorry, Earth was released October 12, 2010 on Odessa Records

Wild Wild Geese is made up of members of Americans In France, Rongo Rongo, Toddlers, and Spider Bags, so needless to say sights should be set high for their full-length debut.  If you're one of those who was anticipating this release, then you've certainly had your expectations met.  Wild Wild Geese released a 4-song EP titled "Are You A Baby?" last year, but "Sorry, Earth" is their first full length release and it stands as one of the best of North Carolina's 2010 releases thusfar.

"Sorry, Earth" released on Odessa Records is a record that starts out strong and keeps on plowing through until the very last track.  Although the latter parts of the album aren't as fast paced and energetic as the earlier parts, that doesn't at all detract from the quality of the songs.  Songs like "King Rat", "Art and War", and "Spreekiller" make it hard for you to listen to the album all the way through because you can't seem to help yourself from starting the songs over and listening to them again.  The album has a unique feel to it that sort of blends Modest Mouse and Superchunk in a hybrid-punk manner.

The album is characterized by fast-paced, crunchy guitar tones and downright addictive vocal melodies like the ones found in "Chainsaw" which opens up with an attention grabbing riff and doesn't let you down until the fuzz drones out at the end and hooks you right back in with another amazing song.  Even on their lengthier songs such as "Art and War" and "Aint Dead Yet", which both top out at over six minutes, the band keeps every note just as interesting as the shorter songs.

After the first listen through of this 9 song, 38 minute album, the only disappointment that I had is that it didn't last longer.  Wild Wild Geese have put out an amazing piece of work with "Sorry, Earth" and are a band that should continue to be watched because after a debut as stellar as this one can only expect great things.

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  1. The first time I saw Wild Wild Geese was at OCSC's customer appreciation day, and I've been listening to their record ever since. They're great!