Friday, February 6, 2015

Video Premiere: "Sweetheart I've Noticed" by Jackson Honeycutt

Being a part of such an incredible local music scene can be overwhelming at times. There's always something newer or something hipper, always folks in search of an act that's so fresh that their songs haven't even left the dank room they were recorded in. But every now and then it's nice to have musicians fall into your lap so to speak. There's no searching involved, just an instance of being in the right place at the right time, somehow fate decides to align and make these musical findings coalesce perfectly with a particular point in your life. Artists like Jackson Honeycutt are the perfect example of this.

The young songwriter from the Raleigh/Garner region already has a handful of LPs and EPs under his belt, albeit of the lo-fi variety, but nonetheless it's an impressive level of output for such a budding songwriter. Honeycutt blends traditional folk-pop sentiments with melancholy overtones to make for a listening experience as bright and infectious as it is downtrodden and blue. "Sweetheart I've Noticed" is a single that Honeycutt recently released that's been gaining the artist quite a bit of traction. The track's been in rotation at local music powerhouse WKNC as well as WSOE, Elon's college radio station.

Riding that wave of popularity, Honeycutt teamed up with local videographer Evan Kidd (responsible for the excellent Spazzfest documentary a few years back) to film a visual companion for "Sweetheart I've Noticed." Filmed in Garner, N.C., the video switches between scenes of Honeycutt aimlessly roaming around town on a rainy, gray-skied day and jovial, carefree days of youth spent at playgrounds and dance parties. The video perfectly represents the emotional dichotomy of Honeycutt's music and lyricism, leaving fans eager to see what's to come from this promising young songwriter. Check out the video below:

Jackson Honeycutt - "Sweetheart I've Noticed" (Official Music Video) from Evan Kidd on Vimeo.

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