Friday, February 8, 2013

Virgins Family Band debut "Honeylion" on The Bottom String w/ a new Bottom String Session

Honeylion by Virgins Family Band was released on
February 8, 2013.  The band will be celebrating
their album release on February 22 at Local 506
with Baobab.
Virgins Family Band are one of the most surprising acts to come from the Triangle in recent memory.  As I was scouring the web for local shows I found the Baobab double album release show with Virgins Family Band and knew that I'd be in for a treat.  However, when I first listened to Honeylion there was a visceral reaction that I wasn't expecting.  Their sweet harmonies and unpredictable melodies make each listen through an experience in which you can peel back new layers and find new moments in this music to connect with.  Ranging from frenetic soul to jazzy indie rock, Virgins Family Band have a sound unlike any other band in the state.  It's one of those bands where you can genuinely start to realize the depth of the Carolina talent pool, because seemingly from out of nowhere I've grown incredibly attached to this band.

Honeylion is as strong a statement that any band can wish to make with a debut, they've crafted a sound that's entirely unique and filled with melodic masterpieces.  Tracks like the album's opener, "Moon Breath" display the dynamic breadth displayed within this 8-track album.  Powerful rhythms drive these tunes, and they're capable of changing direction on a dime and delivering a brand new addictive melody that's filled with adventurous originality.  The best part about Honeylion though is that it always leaves you guessing, Virgins Family Band combine elements from jazz and pop music in a way that creates an inviting yet still complex soundscape that's filled with gorgeous musical moments that create for an invigorating listening experience.  The entire album is packed with fantastic musical endeavors, from the croons of "Eyes Like Troubled Dreams" to the shiver-inducing shouts that close the album in "Lily Molusco", Virgins Family Band display a mastery of dynamics and pacing.

Honeylion feels like a truly cohesive piece of work, it's difficult to not listen to this all the way through as each track beckons the listener to continue on.  The flow of Honeylion is as smooth as the title implies, this release is filled with seamless transitions and brilliant resolve.  Honeylion soundtracks my winter days and will soon do the same for my spring, mostly because it's a ubiquitous piece of music that truly feels timeless.  Honeylion has given Virgins Family Band my complete attention.  They're one of the most talented acts I've seen from North Carolina in years and I take great pride in being able to debut their first full-length.  Check out the Bottom String Session I filmed with the band below and purchase their album Honeylion on Bandcamp:

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